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These quick tips are designed to help you get through these hard times. If you have any tips that you want to share, send them to in a new tab)


With everything going on, it’s possible blogs may have fallen onto your mental backburner. In general, blogs are not only a great way to connect with people but also promote your business(opens in a new tab). But now the question is, with the turn tourism has taken, what can you possibly blog about without directly encouraging travel? Being honest that things are tough is okay, but focus on positive content, because there’s enough negative news out there already! As difficult as things are, it’s important to lead with optimism. Engaging and upbeat content will have people thinking about your destination and your tours as they look forward to their next vacation.

Let Them Know What’s Going on With You

First and foremost consider writing a post about what’s been going on with you, your guides, and what’s been happening in your area. Give them an informed insider perspective to the situation in your city from the viewpoint of a local, and if you can, include photos showing what your area is like and maybe a famous location from a distance. For a personal touch, feature your pet, work-from-home setup, or maybe a hobby you’ve taken up with your extra free time. Let people know if you have made any plans for what’s to come, whether it be developing new tour ideas(opens in a new tab) or even your approach to hygiene(opens in a new tab). Provide a human reminder that you’re out there like everyone else, taking things day by day, but let them know that you’re ready and waiting for when tourism does pick up again.

Get People Inspired

Although people may not be able to physically visit you right now, be a source of “armchair tourism” – in other words, help them at least mentally escape their homes temporarily and travel through your blogs. In addition to generally talking about your destination, activities to do as tourism resumes, and spots to visit, put together a list of curated movies, podcasts, books, or a playlist. For example, “Best movies set in New York City”, “Top 5 books about rafting”, or “Perfect songs for a day of snorkeling” for an entirely different way to get people excited about your destination or activity. This is a fun alternative to directly talking about your destination and gives potential guests and their families something to do from home. As everyone looks for things to do to fill their time, write a post with local-inspired recipes (bonus points if they’re your personal or family recipes), or suggest foods that they could buy for a “travel-inspired snack or meal”, and ask them to send in photos or share their own recipes. Any way to get people engaged with your content is always a huge plus.


It’s okay to let people know about promotions or flexible bookings you have, but now is not the time for a hard sell. A sentence or two at the end of your blog post is a great way to get it in there and remind people without being pushy. More than anything the goal of blogging is about your business and destination being directly or indirectly on people’s minds. If you’re still stuck for more blog ideas check out our more extensive list of blog ideas(opens in a new tab). And if you need help improving your content or if writing is not your thing, that’s something we can help you with here at Tourism Tiger(opens in a new tab).

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