How It Started

Prior to starting TourismTiger, I worked in the SEO and Social Media sectors of tourism marketing, first for Australia’s largest SEO agency and then as an independent freelancer.

No matter the client, the story always followed the same lines: tour operators had a website that was several years old and making changes was difficult, impossible, or far too expensive.

That wasn’t even the worst of it: all of these sites were gradually falling out of date, with no way to stop it! New technologies would come out, but which one made it worth building a whole new website? Something finally clicked in the back of my head.

Why should a website need a total rebuild every time a new change comes along? Why would a web designer wait for a client to request certain updates rather than anticipate that need? Why don’t web design agencies have support teams dedicated to making all those necessary little changes? What happens to a client’s existing website when a web designer learns a new trick to make websites more effective?

And so TourismTiger was born. My wife Rebeca and I hit the ground running in January 2015 with a mission to build great websites for tour and activity operators that are effective from Day 1 and STAY effective. Rebeca’s design skills and my expertise in tourism marketing and SEO proved the perfect combination to get TourismTiger off the ground. We’ve since surrounded ourselves with a dedicated team of innovative individuals who are constantly working to improve our websites around the principles we set out with.

Our goal is to help your business thrive. Given that people book your tours from all over the world, your website is the face of your business. We aim to put your best foot forward, emphasizing the value of your tours and experiences, highlighting what sets your company apart, and presenting it all in a clear, appealing and user-friendly way. Let us focus on the technical stuff so you can focus on giving your customers an unforgettable experience.

- Matthew Newton


Matthew Newton


Rebeca Newton


Simon Steel

Head of Operations

Jess Perry

Head of Projects

Russ Astle-Coates

Director of Business Development

Andrew Mott

Head of TigerCare

Saveliy Dzvonkevych

Lead Developer

Andrea Lopez

Senior Designer

Katalin Plummer

Project Manager

Emma Russell

Senior Content Coordinator

Christina Williamson

Content Coordinator

Alison DeGuide

Content Coordinator

Stephanie Fiero

Marketing Manager

Kristen Badali

Sales Executive

Bora Duli

TigerCare Specialist



Gjergji Gjeci

TigerCare Specialist