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Why Cleanliness Should Take Precedence

With countries beginning to ease back into ‘normality’ and shops/cafes/offices etc opening their front doors again, everything is being done with an extra layer of caution. The situation that COVID-19 has presented us is like no other, and anxiety levels amongst the general public are sky-high. Most places now, if there is anyone at all, are dotted with cautious citizens either wearing a simple surgical mask or are head to toe in protective gear, in addition to hand sanitiser being easily accessible and abundant in many locations.

Clever restaurant owners are now publishing on social media in a solid attempt at attracting those who are cautious and/or anxious about being in contact with the virus. The aim is to assure customers who order for delivery or takeaway that the food preparation methods taken in those restaurants are safe, and that contact with the delivery person will be as minimal as possible.

When tourism returns, and it will – perhaps stronger than ever(opens in a new tab), people will not have forgotten COVID-19. Here are some tips to prepare for the tourism gates to swing open again.

Why Cleanliness Should Be A Priority

Promoting what your tours offer won’t change, but adding that you’re taking additional hygiene-related measures and prioritising cleanliness with the utmost care should be a very obvious point to highlight moving forward.

If you’re a tour business that offers tours that include being on buses, boats, basically anything with confined spaces, or any type of equipment that is regularly touched by multiple people, you will need to put the ‘will I be at risk of contamination?’ query to bed. Advertise online and through posters, publish articles on your social media, add a section to your website explaining your sanitisation processes in order to reassure customers you are taking every precaution possible to ensure a safe tour.

Implement site pop-ups, and feature pictures of the cleaning equipment being used in action, create new sections on your website to clearly demonstrate to potential clients that you’re taking every step possible and quell the anxieties that customers will have post-pandemic.

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