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During these challenging times, we here at Tourism Tiger strongly believe that having extra time at your disposal provides you with a great chance to tackle tasks you’ve been putting off, and plan for your future once things start to pick up. Your tours are your bread and butter, but maybe there has been something you’ve been considering changing. Or maybe you’ve had an idea brewing in your mind for a new tour but haven’t had the opportunity to plan it out. Well, what better time than now!

Time for a Tweak

Your tours may be perfect exactly as they are. But perhaps there’s been a part of an existing tour which hasn’t been going as smoothly as it once did. Or maybe you’ve gotten feedback on something that previous customers either really liked, or possibly did not enjoy as much. Now is a great time to implement some of this feedback and update your tours. Comb through your existing reviews for what past clients have said or reach out to recent customers to get more feedback(opens in a new tab). Additionally, it may be worthwhile to consider seasonal variations to your tours. Some stops may be more worthwhile to visit during certain times of the year but not others. Furthermore, as tourism inevitably picks up again, not all locations will necessarily become publicly accessible at the same time. With these two scenarios in mind, have alternative tour stops ready for any last-minute changes.

Time for Something New

You’re all set with your existing tours, but how about mixing things up(opens in a new tab)? Now that you’ve gathered your inspiration what’s next? A bit of additional planning(opens in a new tab) with your spare time is a great way to really flesh out your new idea. Capitalize on trends(opens in a new tab) such as genealogy-inspired travel, off-season travel, second-city travel, solo travel, and many more! Another approach is to consider offering a seasonal tour, or an occasional tour—for example a special tour which takes place at night, only twice a month, or in a distinct location. Finally, a great way to test out your new tour is with your local community. Consider offering a promotion as this way you’ll be able to try your tour out on real people and collect feedback in order to work out any possible kinks. You’ll also be getting your name out there with your local community.

There are a ton of places to gather inspiration from in order to improve your current tours, and help you develop exciting new ones—so what are you waiting for!? Get creative!

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