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This is part 2 of our 2-part series on blogging for tour operators updated in 2023. Don’t miss out on part 1(opens in a new tab).

We’ve convinced you that you need a blog on your site, so you’re ready to start one. Where do you start? What should you blog about? Your blog should complement your website(opens in a new tab), but also be valuable in its own right. You don’t need to be a professional writer (though you should use spell-check and have a friend read it), but you should be able to offer some valuable information. You don’t have to give away all of your secrets — or even the names of your tour stops — in order to flaunt your expertise to blog readers (read: potential customers). Here are 10 ideas for topics to write about:

1. Basic “evergreen” content

“Evergreen” content holds up year after year and requires little to no updating. This includes (but is not limited to) local annual or seasonal celebrations/festivals, quintessential local experiences, top historical sites in a destination, cultural information, or local museum guides. This is where you will get a lot of points for having SEO-targeted titles. Think about what people search for over and over again, and you’ll find there are a lot of possibilities: “things to do in Berlin in spring,” “5 sauna rules for Finland,” “guide to El Born Neighborhood in Barcelona,” and the list goes on. A small investment of time in creating evergreen blog posts will reap benefits for your business for years to come. With a little updating, their relevance remains steady over time, so these posts will continue to draw searchers to your site.

For inspiration, check out:

2. Places to avoid

You’re uniquely aware of local tourist traps! Just as valuable as telling your readers what to do is to tell them what they can afford to miss.

For inspiration, check out:

3. How to prepare for a trip

Packing lists, book recommendations, tips about exchanging local currency, public transportation hacks, or anything else you think travelers might need a heads-up about can settle a lot of pre-trip anxieties.

For inspiration, check out:

4. Special events

If you catch wind of a special event coming to town (no limits here — could be a traveling exhibition, a race or tournament, a music or food festival, Friendsfest!), why not write a post about it? These are great opportunities to show you’re constantly in tune with what’s going on in town. Even locals may find out about these events from you and share your posts.

5. Media mentions, current events, and travel-adjacent topics

If your town or your company is featured in a news piece (be it local, national, or international), why not ride those 15 minutes of fame and write your perspective on the topic of interest? One of the best things your blog can do is start a conversation.

For inspiration, check out:

6. Answers to frequently asked questions

Take inspiration from the questions you get on a daily basis — they are great blog post ideas! “Where should I stay in your city?” “Where can I get an awesome view?” “I have 24 hours in X — what should I do?” Spend some time writing blog posts to answer these questions so that when you’re inevitably asked again, you can simply send the link to your blog post as a response!

For inspiration, check out:

7. Guide introductions, behind-the-scenes, and company news

You may have your guides featured on your About Us page with a short bio and a photo already. If not, a great way to put a face to your company is by writing posts featuring each of your guides or inviting them to write their own. Even if they are already on there, this could encourage your guests to book a tour once they find out how cool and fun your guides are!

For inspiration, check out:

8. Specialty travel

There is no shortage of things you can write about, even if they’re not directly related to your tours. Gluten-free guides, vegan guides, family-friendly itineraries in your city, LGBTQ- and eco-friendly businesses in town are just a few things people may come looking for when heading to a new destination. You can be the one to tell them what’s out there!

For inspiration, check out:

9. Photo of the day

They say that a picture is worth 1000 words, or roughly one blog post. A “photo of the day” and a short paragraph as a blog post not only allows you to showcase a great photo from a tour, but also provides a segue for you to talk a little bit about your tours. This is an easy way to keep posts regular during a busy week in the high season, when you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to writing.

10. More activities nearby

Active travelers may be on the lookout for multiple activities to do in the area they’re visiting. You can gain a lot by simply suggesting local day trips or recommending other companies that offer activities or tours that are very different from yours. Someone visiting Costa Rica can absolutely go ziplining, surfing, and hiking all in one trip! These types of posts are not only useful for your readers and customers, but could potentially help you build or maintain relationships with others in the industry.

For inspiration, check out:

This is a great starting point for your company blog. As you’ve seen, a blog is a way to build confidence in your company, start a conversation, and show what you know without rendering your services as a guide unnecessary. For more ideas, check out this comprehensive list of 123 blog post ideas(opens in a new tab) for your tour or activity company and this advice on how to create your own winning titles(opens in a new tab).

11. Local Hidden Gems

The idea of visiting the major tourist attractions in the city is some traveller’s worst nightmare – overpriced and overcrowded are typical complaints. That’s why it is great to share your insider knowledge by writing about hidden gems in your area such as the ones listed on Atlas Obscura. From lesser-known attractions to local eateries, offering readers unique, off-the-beaten-path recommendations can help them create unforgettable travel experiences.

For inspiration, check out:

Rome Off the Beaten Track: 7 Things You Won’t Find in Any Guidebook” by Devour

12. Travel Safety Tips

Safety is obviously a huge concern for most travellers. Therefore offering advice on how to stay safe while traveling, covering topics such as local scams to avoid, pickpocketing hotspots, or safe neighborhoods for solo travelers is a great way of showing that you know your local area well and that you care about visitors’ wellbeing.

For inspiration, check out:

Keep Guests & Guides Safe by TourismTiger

13. Local Customs & Etiquette

Being respectful wherever you go is something most of us like to do every day. However, things can be more tricky on vacation with different customs and etiquettes to think about and some of them are not that obvious. That’s why it is a good idea to educate your readers about those things in your destination, ensuring they have a smooth and respectful experience during their visit. “When in Rome…”, as the famous phrase goes.

For inspiration, check out:

Top 7 Etiquette Tips For Travel in Japan by The Real Japan

14. Sustainable Travel

Sustainability has been a hot topic over the last few years and is growing increasingly important to tourists. Therefore writing about eco-friendly travel options and practices that visitors can follow to reduce their environmental impact is a winning blogging topic. This can include green accommodations, responsible tour operators, or tips for reducing waste and conserving resources during their trip.

For inspiration, check out:

The Importance of Responsible Tourism, Sustainable Tourism and Eco-tourism in the Maldives by Secret Maldives

15. Budget Travel

Every traveler has a different budget for their vacation, younger tourists especially are on a tighter budget than most. By providing tips for exploring your destination on a budget, such as free attractions, affordable accommodations, or cheap eats you can appeal to backpackers and budget-conscious travelers who may just pay you back later.

For inspiration, check out:

Budget London by Visit London.

Remember: A blog is most effective when it’s updated regularly, so establish a content calendar and stick to it. Add new titles to your calendar as you think of them and try to post at least monthly. As we say in the office, Google “likes this” and more traffic will eventually come to your site.

Before a blog can really begin to do its job, you first need to tell people clearly and enticingly who you are, and the best way to do this is with a great website. If you are considering a blog, but don’t know what or how to write, our blogging service(opens in a new tab) can help! And if you have an established blog for your tour company, Tourism Tiger can carry it over to your new website, so get in touch with Tourism Tiger(opens in a new tab) today to chat about upgrading your website. Now that’s what we call a CTA!

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