What's Included?

This is what sets us apart from the pack. Our theme is always advancing with new features and capabilities to make your site perform even better and push the margins to sell even more tours. With this feature, you’ll never need a new site again.

Our hosting provider offers top of the line response time. We also include a CDN (content delivery network) that will make your site blazing fast. We average 99.99% uptime on our sites. Our hosting provider offers 24/7 emergency support ensuring your site is always selling.

Have a new tour? We’ll build you a page for it! With our TigerCare package you have the option to add up to one page per month to your site. This allows your site to always reflect your current offerings and to grow as you do. Now you can focus on what you do best.

SSL certificates allow your site to load via an encrypted connection directly between the visitor and the server, giving them piece of mind that their data is secure. Loading via HTTPS is crucial in today’s day and age, and even boosts your Google ranking.

We’ll take the hassle out of making changes to your site. Just tell us what you want to change and leave the rest to us. We make most small changes like wording or pricing within 24 hours. Editing your site has never been more convenient and pleasant.

We want you to love your site, so if there is something that isn’t perfect about the design, we’ll be there to help. If you take new photos that really capture the awesomeness of your tour, we’ll put them up in a heartbeat.

Our TigerCare team members are new technology junkies. We can offer our advice and expertise to you regarding analytics, page speed, editing your site, plugins, widgets, heatmaps, improving UX, and more! We’re problem solvers who love learning how to help you succeed.

Have you ever updated your site’s CMS only to have it break your site? We perform appropriate testing every time a new version of WordPress comes out. After testing, we roll it out to all of our sites to make sure you are on the most up to date version.

While we are confident in our abilities to maintain 99.99% uptime on your site, it would be arrogant not to have a safety net. We have a daily backup system so you can rest easy at night knowing your site is in good hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I own my site?


Yes! While we deal with all the dirty work such as website maintenance, hosting etc., the site is yours.

Can I edit the website myself? Can you edit my website after it’s launched?


Yes, we can train you on how to enter the back-end of your site to make any simple changes. With TigerCare, we can make these changes for you, add any new pages you might require and handle other upgrades you might want.

Can you host my website?


Indeed! Website hosting is included in your TigerCare package, along with any theme upgrades we develop.

Are there any lock-in (minimum length) contracts?


No. While we endeavor to ensure each and every client is happy, we don’t lock anyone in with any long-term contracts. Should you wish to opt-out of TigerCare at any point, all you need to do is let us know. From there, you can migrate your site over to your own hosting platform.


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