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We’ve packaged together the very best of our quick tips into helpful compilations. Check them out below to gain a bit of insight or inspiration!


As a tour or activity operator, sometimes it can feel like it’s you against the whole world. Between competitors, and global circumstances, financial reality, and personal struggles, it can certainly feel like a lot. Regardless of if you run a solo operation or work with a team, we’re here to reassure you that you don’t have to go at it alone! Whether you’re looking for advice from other operators to learn from their experience, get feedback from industry insiders, make new connections, or expand your audience.

Connect With Your Tour Operator Community(opens in a new tab)

Even though tour operators are spread out across the globe, there are many ways to stay connected online! As industry insiders, other operators have likely gone through similar experiences themselves or can be a great sounding board for advice and working through issues. While it’s one thing to get advice from friends and family, getting a second opinion from someone who has relevant experience can be a great source of guidance during difficult times.

Join Tour Operators United(opens in a new tab)

This one is so valuable it gets a double mention! Tour Operators United (TOU) is a group that brings together operators of all kinds from around the world, providing them a space to ask questions, brainstorm problems or ideas, and give advice to their fellow operators. The community group is about helping each other out, industry tips (but not self-promotion!). Whether it’s about guides, dealing with customers, the best types of tour vehicles, software options, or anything else, it’s a great place to chat and get another opinion.

Finding Partners

Partnerships are not one-size-fits-all, they can be formal or informal. The terms of the relationship are entirely up to you. They can be a complimentary service, or simply another local business, the idea is simply mutual support of some sort to help boost both businesses. Whether there is money exchanging hands, or it’s simply referring customers, finding the right partners is a great way to build a business connection and help grow your business.

The Potential of Influencer Marketing(opens in a new tab)

Pre-pandemic travel influencers were all the rage, but just like everyone else, travel restrictions meant changes for them as well. Don’t count them out however, as some of the most eager travellers, working with an influencer still has the potential to give your business a boost as business builds back up. Circumstantially, your best bet may be to take a more local approach however, as influences are likely to be some of the first to get back into travelling it could be your chance to make a new connection before other guests start to return.

Get Involved in Your Local Community(opens in a new tab)

In addition to building industry connections, getting out in your local area is also a big part of developing relationships. Whether you’re in a big city or a smaller town, be a source of information for visitors, you are the local after all! Look for events to participate in whether they’re related to tourism or not, getting your name (and face) out there will help keep you in people’s mind. Don’t underestimate the value of word of mouth recommendations or local tourism. Involvement in a local initiative could also make for a great selling point for your business, and give you something to write a blog about.


There are certainly more places to help you connect and grow your network. Whether it be other chats or forums, insider news sources, podcasts, or anything else, find the groups that work for you! In addition to building up a support system and getting your name out there, make sure people can find you! Your website is often people’s first point of contact so if you’re feeling overwhelmed or not sure where to start, get in touch with us today(opens in a new tab) and we’ll be happy to help you out!

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