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The unique thing about this pandemic is that everyone is in the same boat (or house or apartment). There are some silver linings to this. We’ve mentioned before the ways in which everything online is taking off. When things eventually begin to normalize, the way we interact as individuals may be different. Millennials are answering phone calls for the first time in their lives and Baby Boomers are using Zoom. As tour operators, you can take this as an opportunity to shake things up as well.

The tourism industry has taken a shocking hit. What’s worse is that many tour and activity operators are small business owners. Forming new business partnerships, regardless of whether you’re self-employed or not, has an abundance of benefits. Partnerships between businesses don’t necessarily require the written formalities. Think of it as a mutually beneficial quid pro quo. We promise that it can do wonders for your business!


Firstly, having a relationship with another company can provide your brand with increased authority. If another company is vouching for your service or product, it creates a greater appearance of trustworthiness.


Being able to speak with another business about their experiences can be invaluable. Knowledge is king, and it can help you prepare for something that you might not have anticipated. Also (and this is particularly relevant for individual operators), communicating your challenges is a great way to manage and monitor your own anxieties.


Two minds are always better than one and the benefits of collaborating will attest to this. Especially in these uncertain times, it’s essential to think outside of the box. Working with other operators or businesses (or even artists and creatives) will give you a greater chance of developing something new.


The final and most important benefit of finding new partners is being able to support another local business or individual. While you gain from a partnership, you’re also providing a lot. Sharing your expertise and experiences are sure-fire ways to ease your own concerns and do something good with what you have!

So search your local Facebook groups, bulletin boards, or local ads, and see who’s out there. No business needs to go through this alone.

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