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Are you a tour or activity operator working in the tourism industry? Are you a member of the Facebook group Tour Operators United?(opens in a new tab) If you answered yes to the first question and no to the second, we have a great resource for you to explore!

This private, tourism-industry-professionals-only Facebook group is a helpful space for you to get answers to the pressing questions we all face, in real-time. The content is curated by tourism industry bigwigs such as Tourism Tiger’s(opens in a new tab) own Mathew Newton and Kelsey Tonner, the founder of Be A Better Guide. They, and many others, offer tips and suggestions for facing all the common problems and hiccups that our industry is up against. It is also an important space for networking and bonding with other industry professionals. The group’s slogan #powerinnumbers certainly does not lie.

In these times, when the tourism industry is up against an absolutely unprecedented and unique hurdle it is more important than ever for us to join together as a cohesive unit. With Tour Operators United, over 11,000 tour operators have your back! Together we can face whatever 2020 decides to throw at us next!

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