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A few months ago, none of us could have predicted that things would have escalated to the level that they currently are. And the same goes for looking ahead towards a future not entirely known post COVID-19. However, given the magnitude, there will certainly be changes to come. With a shift in priorities following the financial toll on many, it’s not that tourism won’t continue, it’s that people will be more cautious and need an additional sense of value when it comes to spending their money moving forward.

The “New Normal”

Following a pandemic, a lingering point that will need to be considered in the future is hygiene standards(opens in a new tab). Given the level of concern we’ve all become used to, while the intensity may decrease over time, this is undeniably a new point of value and reassurance that tourists will be looking for.

As the industry picks up, there are a few trends to keep your eye on. In addition to an increase in local tourism, another point for consideration is the possibility of a surge in outdoor tourism. Being outside and away from crowds of people and big cities is a reassuring starting point to get. People may look to get out into the countryside, wilderness, forests, etc and have meaningful experiences as everyone eases their way back into tourism. Another great option is promoting your business as a ‘second city’ destination. There may be some reluctance to immediately head out to major cities, so capitalize on that by showing what unique experiences your city or region has to offer.

Tech All The Way

There has also been an undeniable shift in the value placed on technological integration. We’ve seen what can be done online, so many are not looking to revert back to how it previously was, but rather continue to evolve and adapt when it comes to planning, communicating, and booking. There are a number of ways to bump up your online presence and increase your use of tech like virtual tours(opens in a new tab), in addition to keeping your website and software up to date, and being accessible for customers to contact you online. A great way to start is by planting a seed of desire now by showcasing what you and your destination have to offer through your social media(opens in a new tab) with enticing visual content. Be active across social media platforms so you maintain visibility with potential customers and remain current.

Show You’re Prepared

One of the main points we’ve been emphasizing through these quick tips is all of the opportunities you have for improving your business during these difficult times. Keeping your photos(opens in a new tab), page content(opens in a new tab), tours(opens in a new tab), and reviews(opens in a new tab) fresh and regularly updated collectively contribute to your brand strength moving forward. Brand strength is predicted to be a key differentiator as business picks up, so make sure you stand out! By maintaining high-quality content across all fronts you contribute to your appearance of professionalism and reliability.

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