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Photographs sell tours and now is the time to update them. There are numerous reasons why a great selection of photos will help you sell more tours and while the tourism industry lies in wait, now is a better time than ever to get updating!

Photos help you sell.(opens in a new tab) We have a character here at Tourism Tiger and his name is Experience Eddy. Experience Eddy is not interested so much in written content, he’s more interested in watching videos and images, and revelling in the experience on an emotional level. This is the type of customer you’re looking to please with your photo and video content.

What you need

A magnificent hero image. The hero image is the oversized image prominently placed at the top of the page and you want it to pop! You want someone who lands on your homepage to see that image and say ‘wow’. Choosing a high-quality image that shows what you do/sell and is eye-catching sounds daunting, but it’s easier than you think. Select South West(opens in a new tab) is a great example, another is Big Bend Far Flung. It doesn’t always have to be an image – check out Eat Mexico(opens in a new tab) for inspiration on a great hero video!

Include customers. Whether it be in your galleries, hero images – wherever – having photos that show real customers enjoying real experiences is priceless. It not only shows people enjoying the tour but it also creates a sense of trust. It shows you’re a real company – boosting overall credibility!(opens in a new tab)

Get your guides’ pictures on the site! People want to see who they will be spending their day touring with. Another great way to create more trust is by choosing photos that show friendly, un-intimidating, and expert guide photos! Sidenote: add bios as well as pictures. Delve into more detail – who the guide is, qualifications and experience, and perhaps a fun fact!

Show off! You may be in a unique location, you may visit some incredible places, you may have the best equipment or vehicles around – so make sure people know about it!

Sites that are regularly updated will give you more credibility, as opposed to a site that still has photos and reviews from 2014. Use this time to prepare your site and if you’re a current Tourism Tiger client, contact us(opens in a new tab) and let’s get your latest pictures onto your site before the hoards come flooding back!

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