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We’ve packaged together the very best of our quick tips into helpful compilations. Check them out below to gain a bit of insight or inspiration!


Do you feel as though your tourism business is stuck? Maybe there has been something that just hasn’t been right, that you were consistently putting off to deal with “later”. Well, what better “later” than…right now! Successful businesses are constantly re-evaluating the circumstances, their offerings, and adapting in order to stay relevant and competitive, and you should be doing it too!

Updating Your Existing Tours and Developing New Ones(opens in a new tab)

Circumstances have called for everyone to take a step back and re-evaluate their business, including their tours! Attraction closures and reopenings, varying restrictions, and consumer demand provide the perfect opportunity to both refresh and revamp. But change also keeps your tours fresh and encourages repeat customers, in particular among local clientele. Whether it be a special seasonal tour offering, or whether it’s just a question of modifying your regular route, don’t be afraid of change. No matter your offerings, first and foremost, keep your customers up-to-date through your website, but also via your mailing list, and also on your social media. Get people excited about your tours.

Broaden Your Reach with Another Language(opens in a new tab)

Do your tours appeal to a particular language demographic other than English and your native language? Chances are that isn’t going to change. A great way to increase your company’s and your tours’ appeal is to offer them in an additional language. Why? Because no one likes to have to translate for their friends, or reading a follow-along printed guide just isn’t the same. Tour guides are an essential part of the tour experience, and the ability to connect with guests in their native language can’t be matched any other way. Even if it’s a special offering that you make available, don’t discount its value in helping your business stand out. More importantly make sure this is reflected on your website, by making it available in another language!

Expanding Your Business Offerings(opens in a new tab)

Another trend that has really taken off is additional offerings. This offers endless possibilities, including additional services such as transportation, virtual activities, as well as other things you can actually sell to customers. The goal is not to completely replace your tours (although temporarily that may be a reality) but rather offer complimentary offerings for customers. Curated food boxes are a great example for those not able to take in-person food tours, and they can be enjoyed at home. And with the right partnerships in place, this can continue to be a source of merchandise revenue for your business.

Pivoting Towards Private Tours(opens in a new tab)

What was once deemed as an exclusive experience, private tours have become the norm. Allowing families or groups of friends to have an individualized experience, tailored to their specific tastes or needs, and giving people the confidence to head out enjoy tour activities once again. Private tours allow groups to have more control over what they’ll see and do on the tour, but also who they’ll be around. This also provides an additional level of safety and social-distancing provisions for guides who don’t have to worry about larger groups or groups made up of multiple households without previous contact.

The New Appeal For Luxury Travel(opens in a new tab)

Luxury travel: once hailed for its opulence and exclusivity has now taken on a new characteristic—safety. The demand for extreme luxury has grown because with this high price tag ensures isolation from others while still allowing those who can afford it to travel. Full buyouts of accommodations, transportations, restaurants, and tour experiences give the guests full control and customization. Consider whether luxurious offerings are a good fit for your brand. While it’s not for everyone, the demand does exist.


As your business changes and adapts, be sure that this is reflected on your website, our specialty here at Tourism Tiger(opens in a new tab). One of the many perks of our TigerCare(opens in a new tab) service is the ability to make changes to your website after we launch it, keeping all the information current, and your customers well and truly informed!

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