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Just about every single day within the travel and tourism industry, something has changed. The constant switch between regulations has been difficult to predict; the only thing certain at this moment is the uncertainty. Most recently, places that had been reopening are now seeing a second wave of closures. While this is undeniably frustrating for tour operators and something we’ve seen consistently throughout the pandemic, when faced with an additional challenge, opportunities do present themselves.

Food Tours

It’s fair to say that food tours may have a slight advantage when it comes to offering additional services since people simply love food. Food is also a luxury or extra that people don’t have a hard time justifying, in particular when it comes to supporting local or artisanal brands. A great approach is to contact the restaurants or vendors that you normally work with and set up an additional partnership. At-home “food tours”(opens in a new tab) are something that people can always enjoy in those times where they don’t want to venture outside or just prefer to enjoy the food at home. With regular clients, this could be something that you switch up, and it could also be something that ties into your tours by offering a discount for tour-goers or featuring more products from stops that you make. For the local crowd, there is the added option of “cook-it-yourself” boxes(opens in a new tab). This has the potential to be both a local and international offering you can provide.

Additional Offerings

Another way to generate revenue, similar to the food tours mentioned above, is to sell additional things which are not tours(opens in a new tab). Even if you’re not a food tour that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. Similarly, you can partner with local businesses and offer their goods either in your office as a form of souvenir for tour-takers to go home with, or through your online store. This way guests have the choice to go home with it right away, have it sent to where they’re staying so they don’t have to walk around with it, or even sent directly to their home country. Consider the possibility of repurposing some of your resources(opens in a new tab) temporarily or seasonally as another revenue stream.

Additional Services

Pivoting your business doesn’t just apply to selling goods, but can also include services and skills. Use the skills and knowledge you and your team have to diversify your offerings. As you’ll see, this can mean anything(opens in a new tab) from virtual team building, driving or transportation services, subscription programs, business consulting, or really anything else you can think of.

Additional Options, Additional Income

By no means are we saying abandon the tourism industry, but rather consider the ways in which you can pivot or adjust in order to provide new offerings and consequently generate new sources of income for your business on a larger scale. Most importantly, while we patiently wait for the pandemic to end, that doesn’t mean that you’ll have to give up these new ventures. You’ll hopefully find yourself with multiple, new, and successful revenue streams.

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