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The time has come. Slowly but surely travel is returning! As international and territorial borders open, cities and tourism destinations are eagerly waiting to welcome back visitors. Subsequently, luxury travel is being presented as one of the first opportunities to resume travel with an added layer of security through its exclusivity. As social distancing and hygiene are now part of the everyday norm, the travel industry is experiencing a shift whereby luxury now stands for safety. The idea is that along with the higher price tag comes with built-in additional distancing measures, and increased cleanliness standards. If you operate a luxury travel business, now is a great time to remind people that you’re up and running, or in the process of reopening!

The Best in Accommodations and Travel

For those looking to escape for a secluded long weekend, full buyouts(opens in a new tab) cover the whole spectrum from inns, to resorts, to entire islands. For smaller properties, by offering a discount for a weekend buyout on what the normal total rental cost would be, companies are able to capitalize on incoming revenue that would otherwise not be coming in by taking regular bookings. Even without a full buyout, minimizing the number of guests allows for an increase in the overall guest experience precisely because there are fewer people.

Similarly, commercial flying has been under extended scrutiny recently, as these large companies are frantically putting additional hygiene measures in place in order to reassure the general public. For those who can afford it, the additional appeal of flying privately(opens in a new tab) is only growing. Private flying means skipping the dreaded trip to the airport, the lines, and guarantees you know who you’ll be sitting next to as you take off.

A Special Experience

Consider pivoting towards private tours(opens in a new tab), this is the perfect opportunity to provide a sense of security, control, and accessible luxury. While an excellent way to capitalize on the luxury travel(opens in a new tab) trend, private tours can also accommodate many budgets. It’s essential to let people know that private doesn’t have to break the bank. Emphasize the safety and personalized experience you can offer to both visiting travellers, and locals trying out tourism in their own cities. Promoting your tours as private will also allow you to get back into the normal routine, working out any kinks after the extended time off as travel makes its comeback.

A Good Sign for Tourism in General

If luxury tourism is really not your thing, that’s completely valid! Understanding your business and how best to pivot in these changing times is a great point of entrepreneurial self-reflection. There are a variety of other ways you can shift your business reopening strategy. On the other end of the spectrum, explore the option of catering towards budget-conscious travellers(opens in a new tab) as a way to bolster your business as it picks up. At the end of the day, luxury tourism is part of the larger diverse offerings of the tourism network (what we might think of as a sort of travel ecosystem). An increase in demand and supply validates that the industry is returning, it’s only a matter of time as it spreads out across locations, increases in scale, and takes into account all budgets, no matter how economical or lavish.

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