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Sometimes it happens that tour operators are ready to expand their business, but don’t know how to. Launching a new tour is a great way to do that, especially after your business is already established. If that sounds like something you want to do, here are 101 tour ideas that can serve as inspiration.


Place tours focus on the areas that are being visited. You don’t have to give a lengthy talk about the area, but you do need to know a lot about that one place.

1. Historical Area Tours

These tours focus on buildings of historic importance and usually include lots of information about them, such as what happened there, when it happened and why that’s important. Here are some tour operators that offer this kind of tour:

2. Cemetery Tours

Some might think that graveyards are downright spooky, but there are actually many people interested in cemetery tourism. You can find this in:

3. Underground Tours

Some cities have secrets hidden underneath them – and, of course, there are people who want to explore. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out these tours:

4. Bunker Tours

Anyone who’s been in a war can tell it’s no joke. However, curious people from all around the world want to visit the bunkers to see how life during the war was. Check out these tours for ideas:

5. War Site Tours

Much like bunkers, war sites intrigue people. There are war site tours, that can be visited with these companies:

6. Religious Site Tours

For people of faith, it’s really common to want to visit places related to their religion. That’s why there are many travel agencies offering pilgrimage tours. But tour operators can take advantage of this as well. Take a look at these tours:

7. Historical Site Tours

Historical or heritage sites are sought because they offer cultural insight into the past. These are some places they can be visited:

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