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Have you ever wanted to create a new tour but couldn’t think of anything?

In this video, I share with you 7 ways you can come up with new tour ideas for your tour and activity business.

Listen to your customers.

There’s no tour idea more effective than the one your customers are constantly asking for! If you have people asking about certain ideas every now and then, don’t ignore it – they might be giving you gold on a platter!

Look at What’s Going on in Other Cities.

Too often in small businesses, people will look at the guy down the road to see what he is doing when they should be looking around the world. Check out what people in some of the biggest cities are doing but also look at places you may never have thought of – you could find some great concepts!

For example, check out this incredible tour I just found in Helsinki, Finland(opens in a new tab). They do full moon snowshoe treks! That just sounds so cool!

The Mix ‘n’ Match Technique

If you combine two things that people love, you can create something that’s more exciting than either one of them alone.

A classic example of this is the winery tour on bike. There’s something about doing winery tours on bike that is just so much cooler sounding than doing it in a minivan. Or take running tours, which have been popping up everywhere lately!

Tours With a Small Twist

Sometimes you don’t need to be OVERLY creative! After all, most people coming to your city just want to see the big sights, right?
Well, even if you feel a bit limited by WHAT you can show, why not change HOW you show it?

Check out Vantigo in San Francisco(opens in a new tab). They offer tours in VW minivans!

Just this creative twist has taken them all the way to top spot on TripAdvisor in one of the world’s most competitive cities for tourism.

Leverage Your Location.

What makes your city special? Capitalise on that.

Melbourne, Australia has graffiti tours. Kansas City has a highly popular barbecue tour, and Medellin, Colombia even has FRUIT tours(opens in a new tab).

Find a New Angle.

Historical tours? Add some color. What about a true crime tour or a ghost tour? That’s bound to intrigue people.

Take a look at Emperor Norton’s Time Machine(opens in a new tab) in San Francisco. He delivers all his tours in full character! What a great way to bring history to life.

Import a Trend.

What are some of the big trends around the world right now?

Segway tours have had a big run, but zip-lining is EXPLODING, and don’t forget to talk about escape rooms!

A Word of Warning

Before you do anything, check to make sure the idea works. For example, Melbourne Australia has chocolate tours, but they’ve struggled to catch on for one simple reason: Melbourne’s not famous for chocolate! Make sure your idea doesn’t just sound good but that it truly resonates.

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