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Getting started in marketing, you find yourself faced with a mountain of material on how to conduct effective market campaigns, gain followers, improve brand visibility, and take your businesses to a greater level of success. Marketing requires creativity to generate interest for your tours, activities, or other services. It can easily feel like a lot. With all the potential options to consider, start by going through a list of basic marketing mistakes to avoid. Understanding what not to do, leaves you to gradually make your way through the rest of the possibilities that remain.

In this article, we’re going to talk about how to avoid marketing mistakes to help your small business stay ahead of the curve. Regardless of what you are promoting, these are some of the fundamental stumbling blocks which can derail even the most well thought out marketing plan. Let’s dive in.

1. Not Having a Written Plan

Similarly to how you write a business plan for your tour company, you should do the same for your marketing strategy. Having a marketing strategy(opens in a new tab) that outlines details such as your target audience, approach, budget (when applicable), time frame, and success marker, will set you up with a solid foundation. Marketers who invest a small portion of time to create a plan(opens in a new tab) are setting themselves up to have a higher chance of achieving success.

2. Lack of a Business Website

In this digital age, one of the biggest marketing mistakes you can make is not having a website for your business. Almost all (if not all) customers begin their search for tours or travel inspiration online. Moreover, tour and activity operators have their own special needs and considerations(opens in a new tab) to take into account when it comes to having a website that does (opens in a new tab)its job to maximize bookings. This means that both locally and globally, you will benefit immensely from having an online presence.

3. Not Researching Your Competitors

This is one of the common marketing mistakes that you need to avoid to stay ahead of the competition and ultimately make sure your marketing campaign is a success. You could be the only brand offering a particular type of tour in your area, but even in such a scenario, you can still gain invaluable insights on improving your business. By looking at what your companies with similar offerings in other parts of the world are doing (whether it’s another city, state, or even another country) you’ll be able to see their trials and errors and most importantly learn from them.

4. Not Understanding Your Audience

Isn’t it frustrating crafting and investing time in a marketing strategy only to watch it fail? That is one of the biggest nightmares for any business owner. If you’re looking for common marketing mistakes, this one is also crucial to take into account. Regardless of where you’re located or what you’re offering, your product or service has a specific demographic it will serve. Take a step back and study your business idea and offerings carefully. Once you’ve identified your target audience, adjust your content to appeal to this specific group, your marketing battle is half-won.

5. Ignoring Analytics

Launching a marketing campaign requires you to conduct an in-depth analysis of the results. Although it can feel overwhelming at times, you need to be able to understand what numbers to look out for. Whether it be site analytics(opens in a new tab), social media analytics(opens in a new tab), email marketing(opens in a new tab), these numbers will show you what’s working, and where there’s room for improvement. Without tracking your goals, you won’t know what marketing mistakes you are making. For example, if you’re using pay-per-click ads, you need to track conversions.

And what is very important is the need to always keep your finger on the pulse. For example, consider the best strategy adjustment based on the current global circumstances in order to remain appealing and generate revenue(opens in a new tab). This way, you can customize your campaign early on, such as through keywords or segmenting your audience to achieve the success you want. While marketing is by no means an exact science by having a basic understanding of your numbers both in terms of what is and what isn’t working you’ll be able to continue to adjust your strategy moving forward.


Much of marketing can be simplified if you avoid the typical pitfalls. Understanding these essential marketing mistakes will mean you’re going in the right direction with your strategy. Writing a marketing plan, having a great website, researching your competitors, knowing your target audience, and investing time in analytics will give you an edge in your market.

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