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These quick tips are designed to help you get through these hard times. If you have any tips that you want to share, send them to in a new tab)

Hello from my living room! Like you, I’m working from home and practicing social distancing. Also, like you, I’m trying to work out exactly what we can do to occupy our time, get through this, and (dare I say it?) maybe even come out stronger.

I think I have the perfect idea for you: blogging. It’s always a good idea(opens in a new tab), but especially now! It’ll certainly occupy your time and I feel confident that it will help your business emerge from this pandemic stronger. “But Stephanie,” you say, “I already have a blog. This tip is useless to me!” Don’t worry! Those of you currently blogging can use this time to create a blog schedule or clean up your SEO(opens in a new tab). Use this time to improve your existing blogs if you’re not creating a new one.

You know that people get itchy feet and it’s hard for them to stay in one place. The devastating impact of reduced tourism on national economies can attest to that. Those people are now forming virtual travel groups that allow them to pretend that they’re in far off places instead of on their sofa. Capitalize on this by giving them somewhere to go!

You are an expert in your area. Taking the time to create a blog now will provide two main benefits:

  • Increased web traffic from virtual travelers
  • Better website performance (from SEO and from people who will come to you for live tours when we’re able)

If you’re unsure where to get started, check out this guide to 10 blogging ideas for tour and activity operators(opens in a new tab).

Now, if you’re still stuck for what to do and how to get started, you can try the following:

  • Reach out to me with your specific questions using the email address above
  • Search “blog” on our blog for more posts full of tips
  • Contact us about how our blogging service(opens in a new tab) can help

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