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Here at Tourism Tiger, we’ve heard just about every excuse there is for why people don’t want to get a website. Often people think they need to wait for the exact right time — when they have enough budget, when they aren’t swamped with admin, or maybe when they’ve honed their technical skills more. We’re here to show you that there’s never a wrong time to invest in a website. And just in case you think we’re biased, we’ve got the evidence to back it up.

For those who say they simply don’t need a website because they have enough business as it is, let’s start with the statistics(opens in a new tab):

  • 93% use the internet for research before making a purchase.
  • 64% prefer to buy from businesses they can contact online.
  • 92% prefer to get information from a business’ website instead of their social media page.

These figures prove that by putting off getting a website you could potentially be preventing 50% growth in audience and sales. If those numbers haven’t convinced you, let’s look into common reasons why tour operators put off getting a website.

I don’t have the time

This is one we hear a lot. For small businesses overseeing the day-to-day tasks, leading tours, organising trips, and managing staff is just the tip of the iceberg in the fine balancing act of keeping your business afloat. What’s more, if your business is financially stable, you may think it’s ok to wait another year or two to invest in a website. But fast forward that year or two, and you are managing communications coming in from numerous channels; different social media platforms, Tripadvisor, and spending hours cross-checking spreadsheets and calling back potential customers who have left you a voicemail while you were out on a tour. You thought you were busy before, but now there’s no room for error. The to-do list is never-ending and there is simply no time to consider expanding and working on a growth strategy.

Now let’s look at the alternative future, the one where you decided to invest in a website. Your well-designed website encourages direct bookings and your expertly curated frequently asked questions page answers customers’ queries without them ever having to pick up the phone. If they do need to contact you, they do so through the contact us page or via social media channels highlighted on your website. Your tour or activity pages have been written with your audience in mind meaning your content provides them with all the information they need to book on the spot. Your newsletter sign-up feature enables you to better understand your audience and streamline your marketing. The increase in sales you have achieved by having a website that appears in relevant Google searches means you can hire more guides and admin staff, leaving you free to concentrate on business strategy for the future.

What we’re trying to say is that, although building a website might take up 1 to 3 months of your time initially (depending on the size of your website and the number of tours that you offer), the time it will save you after that is invaluable. What’s more, with a company like Tourism Tiger, our Tiger Care team handles all updates upon request, will create extra pages, and help you to interpret data and make changes to the website accordingly.

I don’t have the money

When you’re a new business or in the midst of tough times, investing in a website is probably the last thing on your mind. Especially when you are struggling to cover the cost of staff, office space, and other expenses. However, you need to consider that having a website that is designed correctly and has a clear sales-focused content strategy could be the key to getting you out of your financial slump.

If you’re a new business, it will be the driving force in getting you off the ground and noticed by customers. Don’t wait around trying to build your name on social media or through word of mouth, there are very few people this works for. Investing in a website will be a proactive way of attracting sales, instead of waiting for the sales to come to you.

The initial investment in a website may seem like a big jump, but the rewards you will reap will convince you that it was a decision well-made. If built correctly, your website will likely make back the money you invested quickly enough for you to forget the initial price. By working with a professional, yes you may spend more, but you get what you pay for. You get a professional result which contributes to your credibility.

I’m not tech-savvy

Thinking you need to learn more about the technical side before investing in a website is a common argument. But mastering the science of a successful website can take years, hence why there are so many companies dedicated to building them for you. And if you don’t have time to complete all your day-to-day admin, where will you find the time to study the intricacies of web design and site maintenance.

Getting an expert to get you up is the first step. Seeking professional help to set up your SEO and structure your website in a way that will encourage bookings and provide an enjoyable user experience is a solution to half the problem.

Here at Tourism Tiger, we are dedicated to ensuring client’s websites don’t fall behind and become out-of-date. Not only do we train clients on how to use their website whether they are interested in just the basics, or more in-depth insight, but we are also proactive in making changes to keep up with web design trends and new features. During the website build process, we explain the processes as clearly as possible and any strategies we employ for content and design so that, once launched, clients have basic knowledge of web design to be able to create their own content and new pages, if they want. But beyond this, our system is set up to continually support you and your business needs, including as they evolve so that your website is not only up to date, but accurately reflects your brand.

Social media alone works for my business

Many people are content with the engagement and familiarity that social media provides. However, something to consider is that on those platforms you are at the mercy of the algorithms, features, and trends that they control. Having your own website means you have complete control over your brand, image, and content. You have the freedom to experiment with features that are designed for your industry and, as a consequence, you can compete with and surpass your competitors.

Let’s also go back to one of those statistics mentioned at the start — 92% prefer to get information from a business’ website instead of their social media page. A website builds trust in clients and gives a sense of professionalism, whereas anyone can create a Facebook or Instagram profile. Social media is a great compliment to your website, where you can collect further reviews and reinforce your image and branding. It is a great way to funnel users to the website where the transactions will take place but it shouldn’t be the focus of your online presence. Use it as a marketing channel that encourages people to head to your website.

High Season? Low Season? All Seasons!

Don’t make the mistake of waiting for the low season to get a website, think of all the sales you’ll be missing out on. If you’re in the low season, don’t think you need to wait for the high season because you don’t have the cash, in fact, a new website could drive new business to your company in the slow times of the year.

Having a website is essential to the success of a business today. Trust us, we work day in day out with tour operators and the most common reasons for deciding to invest in a website are growth, to increase sales and control over their image. You may think there’s never a right time to fork out for a website, but the above points just go to show, it’s time to stop the excuses and start thinking about the future of your tour and activity business.

We are experts in creating and maintaining websites for tour and activity operators. If you like what you’ve read here and are interested in chatting about a website, contact us today!

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