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When you’re thinking about what to post on social media, consider that THE key for all online social interaction is emotion. Always be thinking about how you are making people feel. The posts that make people laugh, feel inspired, happy or angry are the ones that get the biggest reactions.

Photos are the main attraction on social media (this is probably not news to you). They’re also the easiest thing to upload and will help you stay in touch with past guests with much less hassle.

The best thing: it’s SUPER easy. During a tour, just snap photos and upload them. It takes one or two seconds to do, and you’re right there anyway. Take 8-second videos on Instagram or Vine and have them synced to Facebook, or you can upload the videos directly to Facebook where you’ll get much more engagement.

Take photos of people having fun, but be sure to upload great scenery shots or urban shots, too. Make them wish they were there with you!

UPDATE: Since this post was first published, data has come out(opens in a new tab) showing that photos are now the worst thing to post on Facebook relative to how many people they show it to! (Maybe too many people were taking my advice.)

Facebook is at the moment engaged in massive war with YouTube to drive ascendancy with video. This means that in your case, the more video, the better.

Besides Photos, Video, and More Photos…Here’s What To Post:

1. New testimonials. Posting testimonials on an occasional basis will remind people how awesome you are. Getting more testimonials(opens in a new tab) is even better!

2. Awards or press. It’s always exciting to see businesses that we like achieving success.

3. Upcoming special trips.

4. Articles about your area from other blogs or news sites. It’s not just about keeping your business front of mind – you need to keep feeding the desire to come back to your part of the world. It’s also a good way to maintain a relationship with fellow tourism businesses if you share their articles (the same with local bloggers).

5. Put links to your blog occasionally (if you have one). If you don’t have one, then let us blog for you(opens in a new tab)!

6. Exclusive discounts.

7. Posts about your specialty. If you run a wine tour company, for example, you can share information and articles about wine. Easy!

8. Ask questions where people can share their own knowledge or preferences.

9. Play games. Post photos, and ask people to guess the spot.

Using Facebook(opens in a new tab) or any other social media channel doesn’t need to be complicated. There’s no rocket science to it. Just post interesting stuff and do so regularly.

If you need inspiration, go and hit ‘Like’ on 20 other businesses that are similar to yours from around the world. They’ll fill your feed every day with new ideas for your business to help you expand in all ways. Or let us inspire you with a new website, get in contact(opens in a new tab) today!

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