With the presence of so many social channels out there, it’s tempting to feel like you have to give equal love to all of them. This is a mistake.

If you’re going to do social, go all the way in on one channel and use it like crazy. Facebook will generally be the best option, followed by Instagram if you have a 18-30 kind of crowd.

Twitter will in nearly all cases be a waste of your time when it comes to generating direct bookings. The focus here should be on networking and brand building with people in your local area. As for Pinterest, nearly the entire audience there is female. Remember that the majority of booking decisions are made by women, so it’s definitely worth having a think about, especially if you relate to this marketplace.

It is not a mistake to use various social channels regularly, don’t get me wrong. The companies that have the most success on social, however, are those who go nuts building their presence on one channel. Dive deep! Connect with people. Login regularly. Talk to your followers. Interact. Engage.

Automatic Social Cross-Posting Can Be A Good Idea, But It Can Be Dangerous

Picking a social channel to nail doesn’t mean you need to forget about all the rest of them!

Did you know that you can post to Instagram and automatically have your post uploaded to Twitter? If you post an image to Instagram, you can have it automatically uploaded to your accounts pretty much anywhere.

A great many tour operators do this, but it’s a dangerous idea. While it may save you time, it will often remove you the hassle of having people actually, you know, follow you. When a tweet is automatically sent to Facebook, it’s nearly always completely obvious and feels very disconnected. How are your followers going to feel? How are people who are thinking of following you going to feel? They definitely won’t feel like engaging with you, that’s for sure.

At the least make sure to be aware of what each system will do to your post when it goes up and that you fit the formatting guidelines of those networks.

A good place to start with social media automation is IFTTT.com or Zapier.com. Both allow you to automatically post to multiple social media accounts by linking them together.

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