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Your website is a shiny sword or a rusty dagger.

How many times have you heard someone justify a movie selection by saying ‘It has great reviews’? As humans, we look for ways to justify our decision to others in case things don’t work out.

When people make their bookings, they don’t do it alone. Someone will pick a tour as their favorite and then make the case to their friends or partner to go with you.

Is your website going to help them make that case or get in their way? Is it full of great information, and does it answer all the potential questions that someone might have?

Is your website the best WEAPON to use in a heated conversation about why someone should absolutely book with you?

Think about it: the winner in your market will be the company that helps people make the most convincing arguments to their husband, wife or friends.

It’s your job to make sure your website gives them the BEST evidence possible – great photos, video, testimonials, beautiful design, guarantees and more.

Give your potential guest a nice, big list of arguments that they can use as their armor-piercing weapon.

To win as many people as possible, you need to nail every step:

1) Have a great “about” page.

2) Deal with fears, uncertainties and doubts.

3) Plug the visitor leaks.

4) Ensure that people know you, like you and trust you.

5) Convince them to stay after the first 10 seconds.

6) Upload great photos.

7) Have a booking button that stands out!

8) Write great tour descriptions.

9) Appeal to a specific herd.

We’ve got loads more great content on this topic coming, but if you follow the 9 guides written above, you’ll go a long way to increasing your sales and building a sustainable business for the future.

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