The KLT Principle is one of the foundations of marketing. In this video, I talk about how you, as a tour & activity business owner can apply it to your tour business.

K stands for KNOW –  Getting people to hear about you in the first place via brochures, your website, TripAdvisor or any other form of marketing. Think about it. It doesn’t just mean ‘they have seen you once.’ To make sure people KNOW you, you need to be engaging in Facebook remarketing and getting them to subscribe to your email list.

L Stands for LIKE,  When engage with the personality of you the owner, and the personality of your brand, they’re WAY more like to hook with you. This is you need a beautiful website, videos and photos. The Like step deals with the intangible – the FEELING people have with interacting with your business. Do people feel a warm glow when browsing your website? Check out, from San Francisco. I could spend all day on that website, it’s so goddamn sexy!

TRUST you: Liking you is not enough. People need PROOF as to why they should take the risk of spending their money on your business. Testimonials, awards, number of tours you’ve run, media mentions… Proof is based in FACTS and the more facts you can demonstrate, the more people will trust you.

So that’s the three pillars of the KLT principle.

It explains why people will book with a company just because they have a top 5 listing on TripAdvisor – because people already KNOW, LIKE and TRUST TripAdvisor and all that gets transferred to you.

It’s also why referrals are so effective. If a hotel refers someone to your business, all the relationship capital that hotel has built up gets sent to YOU and it also explains why you need to treat referrals like GOLD.

The Know Like Trust principle also dictates that you need to have more than one tour product so you can get people to come on ANOTHER tour with you after they have come with you once! Why waste all that work?

Take a look at your marketing process. Is it designed to get people to KNOW YOU, LIKE YOU and TRUST YOU!


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