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Small leaks don’t seem to cause so much waste – until the water bill comes in the mail. In this guest post I wrote for Rezdy(opens in a new tab), I show you the three equivalents of small leaks when it comes to tour & activity websites:

‘Little drops of water make the soil very wet.’

Working for a utility company can be a life changing experience.

Just after I finished high school – too many years ago now – I got a job in customer service(opens in a new tab) helping water company customers with their billing. It was a simple job but it had a profound impact on how I would end up starting a web design(opens in a new tab) company for the tour and activity space.

It was all about leaks.

I guarantee you that your pipe – your website – has lots of tiny little leaks. Everyone’s does, including mine. The goal of this post is to show you the top three website leaks that I see nowadays from tour & activity operators around the world.

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