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These last few months, the tourism industry has been battling to find innovative ways to stay afloat as well as contemplating the constant dilemma of when is the best time to reopen as government restrictions are lifted. Now that, in some areas of the world, activities are slowly starting up again, these worries haven’t disappeared. We are now confronted with an overwhelming list of health and safety measures that need to be implemented to protect both staff and guests.

But this is not something tour operators need to face alone. Rezdy has announced a new partnership with SanSee(opens in a new tab), the first company specialised in hygiene and sanitation certification for tourism operators. So, how does it work?

12 Month ‘Shield’ Certification

The first step is an interview comprised of 100 questions with a trained health expert. This is not an assessment that they want you to fail, but rather throughout the process they will provide advice and recommendations for those looking to reopen in compliance with health regulations. Following this interview and the confirmation that the business is following sanitation guidelines for COVID-19, SanSee will provide a badge to use on the company’s website, social media, or wherever they wish to display it.

The idea behind this shield is to provide another means of easing the worried minds of tourists thinking about venturing back into the world of tourism. Inspiring trust in your customers (opens in a new tab)is essential in the current climate and these certifications provide another solution to an otherwise daunting task. This shield says ‘I care about my customers and have gone the extra mile to ensure the correct precautions have been taken’, enforcing the point that your business is prioritizing hygiene and safety.

Free Guest Health Screening Tool

If the badge doesn’t convince you, SanSee provides further reassurance for your team and guests through a free health screening tool. An online questionnaire of 12 questions which asks basic health questions regarding fevers, potential contact with COVID-19, aches, and fatigue. Ideally, the guests will fill out the online questionnaire on the morning of their tour, therefore not only does this save time at the start, but it also gives guests privacy to answer questions they may find uncomfortable face-to-face and allows for socially distanced screening. You can even try it out(opens in a new tab) yourself.

For Rezdy clients, there is a hefty discount from $299 USD to $149(opens in a new tab) until August 31st 2020 after which it will increase to $179.

With ongoing hesitations by both owners and guides as well as potential customers regarding reopening this is an easily accessible solution to providing you with the confidence to work in safe conditions and reassure your guests.

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