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Travel may not have returned, but the desire for it is stronger than ever. In response, many tour and activity businesses are accepting bookings for the future. What are these companies doing right and what can you do to convince those customers that you’re the safest tour for them?

Social Distancing Tours

Social distancing is the big buzzword these days. Even after lockdowns end, people will want to avoid other people. Let them know that they don’t have to avoid your tour to avoid others! Try limiting the number of tour participants. The smaller the group, the better. Many companies have even started only offering private tours to accommodate this need.

Think about spacing on a tour as well. Ideally, you want to have people two meters apart, but any distance helps. If you can guarantee that there is space for people to spread out then it will help them feel comfortable. Consider investing in a speaker if that helps them hear you at a greater distance.

If you need to transport people to different locations, say a wine tour going to different vineyards, give them the option of following behind your van in their own car. The only change for you is watching that they don’t get separated from you in traffic.

While on the tour, be sure to have hand sanitizer and maybe even offer masks. People may not need (or want) them when it’s time to actually take the tour they booked. But telling them that you offer it will show them that you are taking the pandemic seriously.

Generous Refund or Rescheduling Policies

Give people a reason to book with you now. Everyone knows that they can’t travel this month. So why should they book a tour now? They risk losing money if they’re unable to travel when the time comes. Tell them about your refund policy. Assure them that if their tour is canceled, or they’re unable to travel, they can rebook for free. Or they can get a refund. Or they can get vouchers. Whatever your policy is, tell them!

Be Clean

Demonstrate that your company is committed to cleanliness. Write a blog or social media post about how to travel cleanly (e.g. carry sanitizer, wipe down your seats, etc.). This will provide customers with value (and good feelings about you) before they book. It will also show them that you know what needs to be done to keep everyone germ-free.


Put all of this information on your tour pages (or at least somewhere on your website). It will reassure people that they, and their money, will be safe if they book with you.

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