Have you updated your Instagram app? If not, take a minute to do so. If you have, then you’ve already noticed the new IGTV feature.

Instagram is hoping to compete with Snapchat and YouTube by offering longer videos on the app. Videos have to be between 15 seconds and 60 minutes long to appear on IGTV. If you have video content that you want to share, all you have to do is upgrade your Instagram app, then click the little Television box on the top right of the app homepage. From there, you can look at what your followers have posted themselves, or click the gear on the center right, and tap “create channel.”

This is a perfect opportunity for you to share parts of your tour with your Instagram audience. Finally, you won’t be constricted by time. You can really go deep into what makes your tour special, and share it with your entire Instagram following.

As we’ve discussed many times on our blog, video content is a very powerful marketing tool for tour and activity operators. We’ve talked about general video marketing, Facebook Video and Facebook Live, but we’ve never talked about video marketing on Instagram, because with only 60 seconds available to you, there wasn’t much to discuss.

But now, with IGTV, we want to give tour operators some tips on how to use IGTV to market your tour company.  

For IGTV it is best to set a schedule. To start, try posting once a week. Fortunately, the tourism industry has endless possibilities for great video content for you to post. Every week, you can post a video exploring a specific aspect of your tour or a part of your town or city. Or, try posting testimonials. You can talk to enthusiastic guests after the tour and record what they thought of the experience

Marketing expert and Social Media Consultant Eliza Foster says “it’s a great time for tour operators to take advantage of IGTV while it’s still a fairly new platform.”

Here are her suggestions for tour operators using IGTV:

“I suggest a “behind the scenes” look at your operation. If you’re a tour boat, maybe show viewers around your boat and introduce them to some staff members or give a few insider tips. “This seat is the best angle to see the dolphins from” or “whenever anyone sits here they always get water sprayed on them.” Take advantage of the longer video format by creating fun and candid videos and don’t forget to promote it on your Instagram stories to engage more viewers!”


Video content is one of the best ways to show off your tours and make clear to people what you as a company have to offer. Turn on your iPhone camera and start recording some content.


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