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These quick tips are designed to help you get through these hard times. If you have any tips that you want to share, send them to in a new tab)

Slowly but surely we will reemerge from our houses and rejoin the world. Some countries are already beginning this process- re-opening restaurants, bars, and limited activities. The world, however, is not exactly the same as the one we were once familiar with, the one we left behind when we went inside. COVID-19 is still out there and there are threats of a second wave. For the foreseeable future, people are likely to be wary of any big group activities and small spaces with strangers.

There has been an outpouring of resources(opens in a new tab) for the tourism industry on how to reopen safely and responsibly. We, here at Tourism Tiger, even wrote a Quick Tip(opens in a new tab) about it. All tour and activities operators need to take the time to do their homework and adapt their tour experiences to the needs of our new world. Furthermore, it is important to communicate the safety measures that you are taking to your future clientele.

Communicate Online

Make sure to publicize the steps you have taken to make your tours clean, socially distant, and refundable! If you have a blog, this topic is worth dedicating an entire post to. If you don’t have a blog, get in touch with us.(opens in a new tab) We are happy to take care of blog writing and publishing so you can enjoy the benefits without the hassle. Add COVID-19 related FAQs to your website. You can even dedicate a full page of your website to what steps you are taking to make your experiences clean and safe. Post about it on social media. Mention it in your newsletter. At this time, you cannot over-communicate what you are doing! Believe us, this is at the forefront of everyone’s minds as they consider getting back out into the world.

Communicate In Person

When guests arrive, greet them with your new COVID-19-friendly policies. Let them know straight away what steps you have taken and what you are going to need from them to keep the experience safe for everyone involved. Then, continue to remind them throughout the experience. As we said, this world is new to everyone so people are going to need some time to adjust. Pepper friendly reminders about the safety policies throughout your tour or experience. It is a great way to keep safety at the forefront of people’s minds.

Ask For Feedback

At the end of the tour or experience ask guests how it went. Get a feel for how comfortable they felt and what you could do better. If guests’ feedback is generally positive ask them to write you a review. Mention that you would like them to review your COVID-19 safety policies. Now more than ever, people will be looking for these types of indications in online feedback. Peer reviews will be invaluable as future guests judge their own comfort level in booking with you.

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