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As tourism begins to pick up, one trend which is growing is outdoor tourism. With all the stress of being pent-up indoors, it’s understandable that people are looking for the complete opposite when it comes to travel picking up again. As you’ll see “outdoors” is not a one-size-fits-all notion, and there are multiple options to consider for both tourists and tour operators regardless of where your business is located. There’s a reassurance that comes from avoiding the city and its big crowds, with more open, outdoor, rural, or small-town locations representing a less intimidating starting-off point for people to ease their way back into travel.

Find the Space in Your City

For those who operate tours within cities, in addition to trying social-distancing tours(opens in a new tab), or touring with smaller private groups(opens in a new tab), consider switching up your itinerary to feature more open-area stops. Whether that means parks, monuments, waterfront stops like piers, plazas, walking streets etc. This way you can still show interesting green spaces or unique spots around the city while avoiding the usually crowded stops.

Out in Nature

For those looking to really “get outdoors” and connect with nature, US national parks have begun their reopening process(opens in a new tab), with each park having its own strategy and not all services available as of yet. Another example is the opening of camping locations, a great way for people to get out of their houses without the larger commitment to travelling far, or even staying somewhere. A bit of time out in nature will likely do everyone some good at this point, so if you operate any kind of outdoor tour, be sure to let people know that you are up and running, and offer a great escape following so much time spent inside.

Time to Get Rural

Another thing to keep in mind is the increase in interest in rural accommodations, in addition to avoiding big cities, larger hotels remain closed or have less appeal. But as people are still looking to change their scenery, heading to smaller towns provides another option. Rural tourism is an ideal option for those looking to travel or discover somewhere new without the hassle of big cities precisely because of its “proximity, affordability, and because it’s not overcrowded(opens in a new tab)”. These selling points appeal to both the local market and international market, in particular, those avoiding air travel and instead opting to travel by car, providing them with the means to easily reach these out-of-the-way gems.


Get outdoors and show people from your local area what you have to offer away from all the hustle and bustle. As the resurgence of travel will be a long-term process, these options provide the opportunity for travelers to begin to head out and test the waters, gain confidence, and ultimately reassure others that with the proper measures and precautions in place, there is a future for travel.

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