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Are you sick of receiving endless emails asking for details on your products and requesting materials for press releases? Or do you simply want to make aspects like partnerships, projects, and location information more transparent on your website? These extra pages could be the key to reducing the time you spend replying to emails and raising the profile of the side projects you’ve put so much effort into.

Apart from the must-have pages to ensure a great user experience, such as FAQ pages,(opens in a new tab) landing and city pages(opens in a new tab), and about us information, the following additional pages can convey your points of difference and help win over customers.

Media Kit & Press Page

There are numerous benefits to having a media kit or press page. Firstly, it’s a fantastic marketing tool for you and your business and it encourages confidence  Visitors to the page could be potential clients looking to build a profile of your business or they could be potential partners looking for reasons why they should choose to work with you instead of your competitors. No matter what category they fall in, they should be more convinced to book or partner with you after visiting your press page.

You can take a few approaches to what you include on this page depending on your business and the resources you have.

Press Appearances

If journalists have written about your business, interviewed you, or you have written a piece for a newspaper or another website, make sure to show off about it. Illustrating that you are worthy of writing about shows potential customers how established you are and gives them more reason to book with you rather than your competitors.

Resources for Media Outlets & Partners

If someone wants to write about you or form a partnership with your business, you need to ensure resources are easily accessible for them. Why? Firstly it gives you more control over your brand — if you provide images and content for others to use you have more control over how you come across. Secondly, it makes the process easier for the other party and therefore more likely to write about/partner with you.

Manhattan Walking Tour's press appearances.

Don’t forget to include your contact details on this page. When a journalist lands here and is interested in contacting you either for an interview or simply to promote your business, you should make it as easy as possible for them to do so. Include a contact form, email address, and/or phone number — not only will preempting users’ needs make forming relationships easier, but it will also make you look professional.

Extra Resources – Showcasing Your Points of Difference

Do you have resources that can help you stand out from your competition but they’re buried under piles of content or not on your site at all? It’s time to change that. Take a leaf out of A Whale Song’s Expeditions book, they offer whale watching and wildlife photography tours in Sitka, Alaska. One of their USPs is that their customers can listen to the whales via hydrophone as they communicate beneath the surface. This unique feature is well marketed on their site with recordings available to the website’s users. Not only does this entice potential customers and give them a glimpse of what’s in store, but it also provides a different channel for content. If users are unlikely to trawl through written content and photos, listening to audios increases the amount of time they spend on the page (dwell time) and in turn, shows Google that your content is relevant and interesting.

Audio recordings on a Whale's Song Expeditions

Sustainability Page

The growth of sustainable tourism(opens in a new tab) has become increasingly noticeable in the tourism industry. Now that people have to be more selective about taking holidays they care more about who they are giving their well-earned cash to. A tour operator that strives to give back to the local community, provide stable jobs, and protect their natural environment is much more appealing than one who doesn’t.

Bamboo Eco Tour's Social Impact page

A page on your website dedicated to sustainability practices shows customers that “eco” is not a throwaway label for your business. Include updates on your projects, photos, and plans for the future and prove to your target audience how committed you are to a cause close to their hearts.

Go West's environmental impact page

A Partner Page

We’ve written at length about the importance of partnerships(opens in a new tab) in the tourism industry. If you find you are spending hours sifting through email requests for partnerships with companies who are completely unsuitable or maybe you are having to send the same email over and over again — you need a partner page.

On your page, you can outline the type of partnerships you have and want to make in the future and also display how a partnership with your business will benefit the other party. By investing in a thorough partnership process you can ensure the time you spend in building your relationships is time well spent. You can attract the right people and work towards providing a better product and service for your customers.

Weimindjis partners page.

Specialist Information

Having a niche target audience(opens in a new tab) in the tourism industry is a benefit for reducing competitors and also for SEO(opens in a new tab). However, it’s important to provide relevant information for that target audience and predict what content will improve their experience and convert them into return customers. By understanding their needs they are more likely to trust that you are experts in the field and they will be in safe hands. Of course, the content of this specialist information depends entirely on the needs of your audience. Here are a few examples to inspire you:

Surf Tours Nicaragua provides information on the different types of waves that surfers can catch in the area and the best beaches for different levels of experience.

Information on surf beaches in Nicaragua.

Canada Heli & Cat Ski Company has a page dedicated to weather and snow forecasts in the area.

Weather forecasts for skiing.

Harlem Jazz Boxx has a page for musician profiles.

Lists of musician profiles on Harlem Jazz Boxx

Side Projects

Your website is more than just a platform to sell your products, it is your online presence. Therefore, when you’ve spent time and effort working on side projects, consider including a page to show them off. The importance of about us pages(opens in a new tab) goes to show that potential customers are interested in learning about the people behind the business and it influences them to make a purchase.

A page promoting Sammy to go to the Olympics

What Will Work For Your Tour Business?

If, after looking through this list you’ve realised your site is in need of an upgrade, start pulling together the resources you need. If the thought of struggling with the backend of your website fills you with dread, come and chat with us. We can offer you advice on what you may need. With our Tiger Care monthly service(opens in a new tab), clients get one free page a month – built for them by us!

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