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A good booking software(opens in a new tab) can change your entire tourism business game. It provides an easy, straightforward user experience, as well as saves you valuable time.  How is this possible(opens in a new tab), you ask?

  1. Booking software does all the scheduling work for you, therefore saving you a lot of time. You’re likely out of the office all day, leading tours and managing your team. You don’t want to then spend your evenings corresponding with potential guests and finding ways to fit them into your tour schedule. A booking software will handle this important part of your business immediately.
  2. Having a booking software on your website will make your customers’ experiences better. It provides a smooth journey for them. They simply book their experience and know immediately that they’ve been confirmed. If you don’t have a booking software, a portion of your potential customers are likely fading out and finding other activities (or booking with your competitors!) in the time it takes for you to find time to correspond with them.
  3. If you work with travel agents, you are probably used to having to update them on your team’s availability. But with a booking software, you can add them to your account, and the agents who sell your tickets can automatically know everyone’s schedule, freeing up time for whoever manages your team.

Now that you agree that you should have a booking software on your website(opens in a new tab), let’s talk about how to choose the right one. We at Tourism Tiger have four different booking softwares that we recommend: Peek, Rezdy, Regiondo, and Xola. Each one has its perks, depending on the structure of your business. Let’s take a look at what makes each of these different options special, so that you can decide which is best for you.

Peek Pro logoPeek Pro(opens in a new tab) is an online reservation system with a focus on making life easier. With Peek Pro, you will find it easier to:

  1. Get more bookings. Peek Pro’s focus on conversions means we have the easiest checkout for consumers, on both desktop and mobile — feel to try it for yourself! Add to that a range of marketing features which include abandoned cart emails and gift certificates to help convert more sales.
  2. Generate more revenue per booking. Up-sell your guests using add-ons and bundles — the ability to create special incentives for consumers to book multiple experiences. Operators offering discounts using Bundles see significant revenue increases.
  3. Spend less time managing your company and training staff. Train new team members in hours, not days. Other things you might enjoy are daily payouts, automated emails, resource and channel management, QR code scanning, and gift certificates.
  4. Improve your cash position. Peek has no monthly fee and digital waivers come 100% free!

Rezdy logo

Rezdy(opens in a new tab) is a market-leading, global, B2B, online distribution and booking software technology provider for tours, activities, and attractions. Founded in 2011 and with headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, Raleigh, North Carolina, and Sydney, Australia, Rezdy has over 2,200 customers in more than 100 countries and processes over $1.2 billion in tour and activity bookings per year.

Rezdy’s mission is to empower tour and activity professionals to network, trade, and thrive. Because Rezdy is not owned by tour operators or agents, they connect more suppliers to more distribution channels than anyone else in the industry. This robust and innovative B2B marketplace platform features over 45,000 tourism products and is leading the way in applying state-of-the-art, real-time technology to help revolutionize the way the tourism industry does business.


Regiondo logoRegiondo(opens in a new tab) is Europe’s leading booking software for the leisure industry. More than 7,500 tour and activity providers from 42 countries process their revenue using this all-in-one booking software. Regiondo enables tour and activity providers to easily sell and manage their bookings online while connecting them to a vast channel of sales platforms for increased growth.

With Regiondo, you can increase your online sales, manage resources, and plan operations — all in one platform. Regiondo’s platform connects a wide range of businesses from the leisure industry. Their booking solution is based on extensive feedback from suppliers, and continuously evolves to make life easier for both you and your customers. From start-ups and small businesses to international key accounts and tourism destinations, many are using Regiondo to manage their business. They support over 10 languages and all relevant payment methods and currencies; they even have a support team dedicated to your success. Regiondo’s sales channels are constantly growing, making their booking solution even more valuable for clients.


Xola logo

Xola(opens in a new tab) is an online booking system built for tour and activity operators. They serve small business as well as public companies and understand the complexities you will encounter through every phase of growth.

Xola allows you to book and manage customers across every channel. Easily accept any method of payment for online, phone, in-person, or reseller reservations. Xola makes complex software intuitive. They’ve invested years in building the quickest and easiest booking workflows to provide a great experience for both staff and guests. That means increased conversion rates, greater revenue capture on your web checkout, decreased phone reservations, and streamlined in-person guest management.

Xola has built tools to ignite your growth:

  • Integrations with OTAs such as TripAdvisor and Expedia
  • Automated cart abandonment recovery
  • Gift and coupon management
  • CRM, automated guest communications, and rich data capture

With growth comes complexity and the need for customization to perfect your operations. Xola has built a robust API to extend customized functionality, such as ticketing, kiosks, integrations with marketing and business software, and custom applications.


As you can see, there is a perfect booking software for every different type of tourism business. And, integrating booking software is a standard inclusion of all Tourism Tiger websites. If you are looking to take your tourism website(opens in a new tab) to the next level, schedule a call(opens in a new tab) with us to discuss your options.

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