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As we’re all aware, the travel and tourism industries were among those most affected by Covid-19 in early 2019. Fast-forward almost 4 years, with the new year just around the corner, we’re glad to say things are looking up, but that’s not to say we can relax just yet. There will still be a considerable amount of issues globally that will continue to affect us, but if the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that the ability to be able to adapt to new circumstances can open the doors to success.

For many people around the world, a new year means a fresh start, and renewed motivation to follow ambitions and to reach goals.  A very common goal among all of us is to travel, which is something that has been hard to achieve for some post-covid. Don’t worry, we’re not going to go on about Covid in this blog, but if you’re a travel or tourism business owner, you’ll know how relevant this topic continues to be, as we are still in recovery after a global standstill, due to the deadly virus. And as if that wasn’t enough, as of 2022, the world has been faced with political instability accompanied by a global inflation crisis, as well as ongoing global warming concerns.

Despite all of this, here’s some good news for you: people all around the world do still want to travel! According to Economist Intelligence, travel will rise by about 30% in 2023, however this is still lower than pre-pandemic levels. The same source states that full recovery of tourism can be expected by 2024. For tourism operators, the next couple of years will be crucial for the recovery of lost business opportunities during the span of the pandemic.

Our goal is to inform you about likely travel trends that we can expect to see in 2023. We hope we can help guide you on how you can prepare yourself as a tour operator, and adapt your tourism business in the best way possible to reach audiences, making the most out of what will still appear to be a relatively trying year ahead.

Show Off Your Sustainability Practices

Numerous sources, including Forbes, are mentioning sustainability as a heavy influencer in travel for 2023. The world over, people are becoming more aware than ever of the ecological impact we have put upon our planet. As a result, people are looking for ways to contribute positively, even when travelling. Reports show that in most cases, travelers will pay a higher price for more eco-friendly options.   

Our tip: Show off your industry sustainability association on your tourism website! This will appeal to visitors looking to get involved in sustainable travel, and support such businesses that work hard to make a difference. 

Prepare For An Alternative

Inflation means that, unfortunately for many people, it’s going to be tricky to travel abroad, mainly because of the high cost of airfare and accommodations. A trend that arose during the pandemic, and has continued to be considered by many as an interesting economical alternative, is domestic tourism. Why travel far when there are wonderful sights and exciting things to do right where you live? Lots of travelers with a tighter wallet will be looking for alternative ways to spend their vacations, within their home country. 

Our tip: Consider adapting your tourism business to cater to national and even local tourists. If this is an idea that appeals to you, you can check out our blog Adapting Your Website For The Local Market, and read about ways in which you can focus your attention on marketing your tourism business to an audience closer to home.

Family-Friendly Travel, Trips and Tours

Multigenerational trips are becoming more popular, as families are making up for time that was lost due to travel restrictions and of course Covid-19 lockdown. Families will be traveling far and wide to reunite with aunts and uncles, cousins, and grandparents, to make new memories and leave behind the sensation of disconnection caused by these past years’ events. 

Our tip: If it is within your capabilities and relevant to your tourism business, always strive to offer family-friendly tour options, that cater not only to adults and children, but also their grandparents. Read our guide to family-friendly tours and find out the ways in which you can expand your tourism business and reach family audiences, which will likely be a strong market for the coming year

Your Best Tool: Your Tourism Website

The beauty of having a website for your tourism business is that, just like in the real world, where changes can happen at the blink of an eye (caused by political decisions, economic crisis and environmental issues) your website can also change and adapt to new circumstances when need be. Our TigerCare team are specialists in keeping your website up-to-date, so what ever changes you need to make, we’ll take care of it, while you take care of business on the ground! 

At TourismTiger we are passionate about creating and building new tourism websites, that not only sell tours, but have the ability to promote sustainability through eco-conscious tourism businesses. If you’re a tourism operator in need of renewing your current website, check out our packages and schedule a free consultation today!

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