Starting A New Tour Business Can Seem Overwhelming, But It Doesn’t Have to Be!


With so many elements to set up and sort out, we’ve packaged together all that you need to get your new tourism business online and taking bookings. Our experienced team will collaborate with you to bring your vision to life with our branding guidelines and logo package. They’ll then take your tour itineraries and information and paint an irresistible picture that appeals to your core audience. We’ll guide you towards the best booking solution for your business to allow seamless bookings. If you’re worried about being found online – don’t be. We’ll research the best keywords for travel & tourism to implement throughout your website, including in our high-quality blog posts included as part of this package. We then tie all of these elements together in a beautiful-looking, high-performing package.

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What Does The Package Include

Everything a New Business Needs to Get Started — All For $4,995*

That's Nearly $1,000 in Savings!

Enhanced Website Package

Get Your Website Up and Running

3 Tour Pages

Site Content Writing

5 Additional Info Pages

Booking Software or Payment Gateway Integration

Additional Services

Take Your Website to the Next Level

Logo and Branding

Keyword List Generation

4 High-Quality Long-Form Blog Posts (1000-1500 words each)

One-Time SEO Set-Up

*Subject to adjustment based on additional pages, content, and features. Contact us for a personalized quote.

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Why Do I Need X to Start my Tour Business?

We're Here to Help You With Any Advice or Recommendations That We Can Provide

Tour Pages: Let people know about your offerings and show them why booking with anyone else would be a mistake by providing compelling content and stunning visuals, in addition to targeted calls-to-action.

Logo and Branding: Fundamental to starting a business is to create the logo and brand identity. Even without reading, the first few moments give site visitors an impression of your company and what it stands for.

Additional Info Pages: Inform customers what they need to know about your tour business and your policies. Well written and presented complementary pages such as 'about us' and 'contact us' can make the difference between securing a sale or not.

Keyword List Generation: As a new business owner, keywords are the first thing you'll hear about in terms of SEO. We'll provide a list of both short and long tail keywords that will allow your site to target the best terms from the start.

Website Content Writing: Our team of writers takes the tour and company information that you provide us and crafts it into appealing content that will entice potential customers and show them why they should book with you.

One-Time SEO Set-Up: SEO is crucial to get your website ranking and stay that way as people search for it. We get you started by setting up HTML tags, metadata, alt-text, and internal page linking.

Blogs: Build credibility for a new business by showing off your knowledge and expertise and contribute additional material to the website so that visitors are compelled to spend more time on the site and ultimately more likely to book. Blogs are also a valuable SEO tool for targeting keywords.

Payment Gateway Integration: Easily take payment via your website either through a booking software or through a direct payment option and forms. We can integrate any booking software or payment platform of your choice.

Learn More About the Services Included
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What Else Do I Need to Have in Order to Start My Tour or Activity Business?

Here Are a Few Basic Things to Consider:

A Concept: What kind of tours are you offering, and where?

Pricing: How much will you charge for your tours?

A Company Name

Sort out any local legal requirements for running your business: permits, business registration, guide registration, etc.

Looking for more help? We’ve put together a list of questions for you to answer that will help you(opens in a new tab) in your web design process and other resources for you to organize(opens in a new tab) that will help make the experience as stress-free as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Though it varies a bit from site to site, we generally estimate between 5 weeks to 3 months to build your new site. When you sign up with us, we will give you a timeline for your projected launch date.

No. While we endeavor to ensure each and every client is happy, we don’t lock anyone in with any long-term contracts. Should you wish to opt-out at any point, all you need to do is let us know. From there, you can migrate your site over to your own hosting platform.

If you have something in mind, please check with us. It’s extremely rare that we can’t fulfill requests.

We’re not going anywhere. Once your site launches, the TigerCare team will take care of your site, handling maintenance, hosting, updates, and any content changes you request. See what is included in your TigerCare Package.

Because we do not require any minimum-length contracts, we need to keep our clients happy or else they walk. This is all the incentive we need to make sure your site is continuously the best it can be.

Yes we can set up a new blog on your site. If you have an existing blog on your current site, we’ll import it onto your new site.

We build all our websites on our own system which we’ve developed ourselves in-house. This is the foundation your website will be built on, and the reason we’re able to future-proof your website through continual development. If you decide on a customized design, then the design team will work with you to create a myriad of bespoke elements to reflect the uniqueness of your brand. If there’s any website features required that we don’t already have developed, then we can work to bring them to ideation. This is something we can agree on before the project stage, or we can take a more long-term approach and evolve with your site.

We definitely can! Our post launch monthly service package includes hosting. Read more about it on the TigerCare page.

Yes, our websites are responsive to adapt to mobile devices, tablets and desktop computers.

Yes, we can link your site to your email marketing account at any point. All we need are your details!

Of course! That’s what we’re in the business of doing. All the sites we create are brand new. If you do have an existing website, we simply replace it.

We do everything we can prior to launch to make sure you maintain your SEO ranking. We carry over your main keywords and optimize each page for your market. The launch of a new website with new content can incite a period of flux, but ultimately your new website will be in a better position to improve your rankings, rather than just maintain your current one.

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