Why Should You Track Your Keywords?

Monthly search volume can follow trends

Knowing how each keyword performs can help you create a better list of keywords

Find out how many visitors come to your site from your keywords

Your Keywords may be too difficult to rank for

How It Works

They’re probably the first important thing you heard about SEO, but effectively implementing them onto a site is a different story. Tracking individual keywords can help you determine if you should still be using them, how well they are performing in terms of traffic or if you should be changing their locations on the site.

Check out the simple steps below!
Step 1
Step 1

We cannot track what does not exist! The first step is for you to share your list of keywords (we can track a maximum of 50), or for an extra cost we can make one for you. Once we have a keyword list, we will set up the words to be tracked.

Step 2
Step 2

Apart from setting up the tracking, we will also look at how you currently rank for the keywords. This will give a solid point from which to start the tracking.

Step 3
Step 3

The real value from this service comes from the monthly reports. After a month of tracking, we will be able to tell how your keyword list is performing and we will even be able to tell you which words constitute that performance. Plus, we will look around the site to see where your keywords can perform better.

What's Included

Initial Set Up & Report
Tracking Set Up & Starting Point

Initial Report

Set Up Tracking of the Keyword List

We Will Assess Current SERP Results

Establish a Starting Point for the Performance Index and Estimated Visits

Check Current Keyword Presence on Site

Glossary of Terms Included

*Keywords List Creation Additional. $75

Monthly Reports
$175 Monthly
Keyword Performance Updates

Tracking Over Time Can Show Trends

Updates on Performance Index

Updates on Estimated Visits

Updates on the List as a Whole & the Individual Words

Advice On How to Place Keywords in Content & Metadata

Add or Remove Keywords from the List

Why Choose Tourism Tiger?

We maintain more than 100 sites with active clients. We have written metadata and keyword-rich content for all of them. We may not be experts on all of SEO, but we are well-versed with keywords.

From the onset, you’ll be part of the process. We want to hear your feedback and ideas — your satisfaction is our main goal!

Rather than creating a list and forgetting about it, we will be able to take poorly performing keywords out before they can affect your site too much – and make the good keywords more prominent on the site.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will be able to look at the keyword difficulty as well as the average monthly search volume. The key to successful keywords is balancing the two!

The initial set up and report takes 2 weeks as it requires us to compile a good amount of data and then analyze it. The monthly reports only require 1 week as they are mostly updates on the initial data.

We will send monthly payment links after the initial report so that a monthly payment and report date can be set up.

We will look over your site for the monthly reports and depending on that data on the keywords, we will advise on what to do. We have seen keywords on over 100 sites.

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