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The virtual travel boom is well and truly underway. Tour and activity operators are looking to the internet to see how they can pivot their businesses(opens in a new tab) or offer something virtual to guests. One awesome new website is doing this perfectly. Window Swap(opens in a new tab) lets users take in a view of different windows all over the world. Offering the opportunity to journey through multiple destinations at the click of a button to those unable to travel. If you don’t love the selected window you can simply click to be randomly transported to a new view, from city skylines, back gardens, Italian coasts, and much much more.

Travel businesses can learn a lot from the success of these new platforms. Giving the opportunity for your guests and online community to escape is invaluable. It also provides a platform to promote your destination and pique people’s interest into your offerings. A simple way to do this would be by posting something similar to your social media providing a point of view of one of your favourite spots or a tour route. Maybe make it a weekly thing and showcase a different spot every Tuesday, say. You might even gather some engagement by asking people what they’re seeing right now. We had a little bit of fun with it on our own Instagram page(opens in a new tab)! If you’re concerned about creating content that will drive engagement, we’ve written some tips on how to get started(opens in a new tab). It’s important to remember that even though there is a wealth of media available online, what you offer or where you are located is as unique as your business. Just think of it as selling a tour!

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