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Today I won’t talk about why you should be blogging. That’s a topic for another time. But have you considered that your blog posts might form an ebook or even a physical book?

Think about it. If you write your blog posts in the right way, they could be formed into a mini guide to your city.

There are four great reasons why you should to this:

1. You’ll have a great blog.

Writing with this concept in mind makes it way easier to write a blog. You’ll just need to write a bunch of mini guides for your area!

2. It’s a great incentive for email subscribers.

One thing you can do is offer the free ebook as a way to get more email subscribers.

3. You can sell on Amazon.

You can sell your book on Amazon just like David Newton(opens in a new tab) – no relation on that last name by the way – from Sydney Walking.

4. Positioning

The main reason is that it positions you as an expert. Who wouldn’t want to visit a city with the person who wrote the book?

It’s kind of like what I did for my business. I wrote the book Sell More Tours to show my knowledge and passion for the tourism industry.

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