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In this quick video, I’m going to share with you THE most important thing for your website. But first I have a question for you: what is your goal for your site?

This may seem like a stupid question. Obviously, you want more bookings, but the most important thing to achieve that is to have a framework to get there.

How are you going to get people to make the transition from having never heard of you to risking their vacation with you?

I get asked a lot of questions by people about what kind of photos they should put on their site, should they put video, or should they be putting their Twitter stream on their site.

These kinds of questions come about when you don’t have a proper framework in place.

So I’m going to stop keeping you in suspense: the #1 goal of your website is to convince someone that going with anyone else is a mistake. I’ll repeat that. The #1 goal of your website is to convince someone that going with anyone else is a mistake. If you can convince someone of that, then you’ve got the sale. That’s obvious when you think about it, but no one thinks about it this way.

Taking that into account, let’s wheel back to the previous questions.

What kind of photos should you have? You should have photos of people having an amazing time with you. The key component here is ‘with you’. There’s only one way for people to have that fun: by using your company.

Should you put a Twitter stream? What do you think? I don’t see how having a Twitter feed will help you convince people that going with someone else is a mistake. It’s just a distraction. There’s nothing special about having a Twitter feed.

Should you use video? Well of course! Because then people get a real feeling for what you do and get a feel for your personality.

So there it is. The number one goal of a website is to convince a visitor that using anyone else would be a mistake.

I hope you got something out of that!

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