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Social proof is one of the most talked about and valuable marketing principles to understand. Coming right up in this quick tip I’m going to show how to make the most of it.

Have you ever picked a restaurant to eat just because it was full?

That would have been because of social proof, a concept that comes from the excellent book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion(opens in a new tab) by Robert Cialdini.

One of the most powerful persuasive influences is to see a crowd choose something. Have you ever chosen to go with a business just because it has great reviews? I call it the ‘killer punch’ because the social proof of a business is one of the most influential factors in taking someone from on the fence to actually booking with you.

Here’s 7 other types of social proof, quickly:

  1. Photos of people having fun on your tour
  2. News media or blog mentions
  3. Industry association memberships
  4. Embedding your Facebook widget can help if your page has a lot of likes
  5. Major awards
  6. Legitimate testimonials
  7. High rankings on TripAdvisor or Yelp

On all your marketing materials, you need to reference at LEAST one form of social proof to show that you are a legitimate, trusted business.

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