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In our last video, you learned why you should be on Yelp. Today we’re going to talk about how to make an effective Yelp that will help you attract more customers and sell more tours.

Spy on your competition

Before you start listing anything out, spy on your competition. Also, check out a couple of profiles from businesses in other cities. See what other people are doing.

Fill in all the details

Check out this profile from The Real SF Tour(opens in a new tab).

They’ve filled in every box and seem like an active, vibrant business.

Fill in all the boxes. The emptier your profile, the less likely someone will book with you. For example, if I can’t see your business hours, I might think you have closed down. Or I don’t want to interrupt someone, so having the hours there gives me the confidence to call you.

Pick the right categories

For most operators, this will be ‘tours’, but take advantage of additional categories such as ‘Bike Rentals’, ‘Ethnic Food’ (for those doing food tours), ‘Wine Tours’, ‘Transportation’, ‘Boat Charters’ and more.

Write a great description

This is the key. Be intriguing and interesting. Quote your guests using testimonials, break down what it is you do into bite-size points and talk about what makes your business special – your years of experience, awards you have or qualifications.

Upload photos until you can’t take it anymore

Instagram. Facebook. These companies only exist because people are ADDICTED to looking at photos, so you need to upload photos until your fingers bleed.

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