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You already have an awesome booking button, but want to get even more clicks? With these two tricks, you can sell even more tours. Check them out!
This is actually the second video on booking buttons. To watch the first one, just click right here, and then come back and watch this one.

I’ve already shared my 8 steps to making a great booking button, but in this quick video, I’ll share with you two more tricks to increase bookings even more.

Make It Sticky

Who says that a booking button just has to be in one place? The booking button should with you down the page and always stays front and center as a reminder of what the visitor needs to do.

Click Triggers

Click triggers are the things that sit around a button that persuade people to click it.
The key here is to persuade people who are hesitating. Clicking the button is a pretty big deal as it means a commitment, so it’s important to give one little push to get that booking to happen.

I suggest two click triggers:

1. A Fear of Missing out Trigger: This is designed to give people a reminder that your tour won’t be available forever!

2. A Confidence-Boosting Trigger: This is a reminder to people that you have a successful, well-loved trustworthy business.

They have a fear of missing out trigger – ‘Book Now To Avoid Disappointment’ and a confidence booster – ‘Book Now To Avoid Disappointment’.

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