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We saw on Rezdy’s “together4tourism” page, that the Australian travel publication, Travel Daily, has recently launched a podcast called “News on the Fly(opens in a new tab)”. The podcast will be published on a weekly basis and discusses travel industry news. You can bet they’ll be chatting about the elephant in the room: Coronavirus. They’ll cover the ways that it has been impacting tour and activity operators throughout the world. Beyond that, they will be sharing meaningful information with the tourism community. The podcast is available on all the popular streaming platforms and is a great way to get your industry news in a ten-ish minute bite.

If you weren’t already aware, Tourism Tiger also has a podcast(opens in a new tab). We use this space to discuss a variety of topics relating to the travel industry. They are 15-20 minutes and cover a wide range of topics, from explaining WeChat, things to prepare in your low season as well as consumer privacy laws for tour operators, and a whole lot more.

But wait, that’s not all! We have also compiled a bunch of other podcasts that are available for tour operators(opens in a new tab). If you’ve got the time and are still looking for different ways that you can improve your business or stay alert to the goings-on in the industry, there are a variety of great options available. It is also a great way to support different members of the travel community at a time when we should be supporting each other as much as possible.

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