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There is a ton of information out there to help you be a better tour guide, business owner, marketer, the list is endless! We’ve written a lot of that ourselves but maybe you don’t have time to read blogs.. Even if you know which ones to trust, it is hard to find the time to sit down and do it. (Trust me, I appreciate the irony of writing that in a blog post.)

For those of you who don’t have time for blogs or patience for videos, there is another way: podcasts. There are plenty of podcasts out there for general business or marketing help, but today I want to look at podcasts made specifically for you. These podcasts look at the tourism industry and how you can improve your tour business. You’ll find helpful information in business podcasts, but you’ll find more helpful information in these.

The Tourism Tiger Podcast

While we’re the new kid on the block, you had to expect this to be first on the list. The Tourism Tiger Podcast launched in February and it has all of the great information you’ve come to expect from us! We’ve included what a new website can do for you(opens in a new tab), why branding is important, industry news, and much more.

Each episode features two hosts from our blog team (and special guests!) and is centered around one of our blog posts. We’ll give you the information you need from the blog post, plus extra information, stories, and banter.

Visit the Tourism Tiger Podcast page(opens in a new tab) to subscribe.


Shane Whaley should be your go-to for industry news. He collects news stories and sends them out in his daily digest email every weekday morning. These news stories have been passed around the Tourism Tiger office many times and he’s great at summarizing things too, so you know what you’re getting and if you want to click and read more.

Tourpreneur also has a podcast available on all of the major platforms. He talks to travel industry professionals and gets them to share their advice on what you can do to improve your own tour business. You’ll get all kinds of tips on how you can get more bookings, improve your itineraries, branch out into new markets, and more. This is a great way to see what your fellow travel professionals are doing – and how you can make those ideas work for you.

Visit the Tourpreneur site(opens in a new tab) to sign up for his daily email or subscribe to the podcast.

Digital Tourism Show by Chris Torres of Tourism Marketing Agency (TMA)

Chris Torres is known around the industry for being The Tourism Marketing Guy. You’ve surely seen him sharing his knowledge on social media or heard of his book How to Turn Your Online Lookers into Bookers. If you want information about marketing your tour company, this is the podcast for you.

The Digital Tourism Show podcast is a bit different because it’s available in two formats. You can watch videos or you can listen. The videos are nice in that you can see the interaction between people and you get some nice visuals, but you don’t lose anything by listening to the podcast without watching.

Visit the Digital Tourism Show page(opens in a new tab) to check it out and sign up. The videos are up top and the podcast subscription is toward the bottom of the page.

Tourism Marketing Mastery

Erik Hatterscheidt is a resort manager who decided to put the lessons he’s learned to work for you. His podcast episodes feature his personal successes and failures and the idea is that you can skip a lot of trial and error in your own marketing if you take his advice.

Tourism Marketing Mastery doesn’t seem to have a website (please correct me if I’m wrong!) but they’re on a ton of streaming platforms, so don’t forget to give it a search! for it on your favorite.

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