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When doing your tourism marketing, you may well find yourself with a large to-do list and feeling stressed about it all.

You’ve probably found yourself pulled in a million directions – Facebook! Twitter! Instagram! Send flyers to hotels! Go to conferences! Blog! YouTube! Vehicle signage! PR! Adwords!

That’s why you need to be aware of the three channels principle. The idea is that you should be focused on crushing it on no more than three marketing channels at any given moment.

If you work on any more than three at one time, you will struggle to focus and find it super tough to execute effectively on any of them. Avoid the shotgun approach.

For any marketing channel to work, you’ll need to give a lot of thought and attention to how you’re doing it.

By building a foundation first, you’ll greatly enhance the chances of that channel succeeding for you. This could mean spending a lot of time researching TripAdvisor(opens in a new tab) and evaluating your own strategy: building a great bio(opens in a new tab) is a good place to start. It also means you should develop a consistent brand design(opens in a new tab) across all of your channels.

Move on and begin to focus on other channels once you have that foundation installed and you have a working system in place. You may never even want to move on if those three channels are having great success for you. Just know that you can never judge a marketing channel with a half-hearted effort.

This is what makes marketing so difficult – you often won’t know if a certain tactic works for you without 6 months of consistent work. Sounds like a sure recipe for wasted time, right? I disagree. Everything you do in marketing sharpens your skills. If you don’t have time to build an online presence yourself, consider our blogging service(opens in a new tab) or a fresh website(opens in a new tab) made by us!

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