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It’s a stressful time to be a tour operator. Instead of waiting for things to get better on their own, keep reading and discover if one of these tips can help you. While there are many options that can boost your income, it’s about finding ones that work for you and your business. These efficient methods can help bring results to supplement your revenue now and moving forward.

Create Your Own Merch Store

One of the most common ways to create extra revenue streams is to have an online store. Here, in addition to gift cards, you can sell your own merchandise, like hats, key chains, and other accessories. Having a strong brand identity and an attractive logo will also play in your favor. If you’re going to start selling merchandise it may be worthwhile to reconsider a refresh or redesign of these elements to really stand out. And most platforms allow you to upload your own design. Do your research and see if you can find one that will also take care of shipping the final product to your customer. This can save you quite a bit in inventory costs, time, and hassle.

Spend some time thinking about which products work best for your customers and your area. For example, selling a beanie hat in Florida might not be the best move. Another way to improve your offerings is to use your existing partnerships to your advantage, or look to form new ones. If you run a tour that features vendors (food products, artisan goods, etc.) talk with these businesses about creating or improving your existing business relationship.

Keep Guests Coming Back

A second way to increase your revenue streams is to create a loyalty program. This is especially important during the pandemic. Many tour operators stand to benefit from increased local tourism. Accordingly, you should be targeting them the right way. By offering a loyalty program, you’ll be able to incentivize repeat customers. People will want to come back for the benefits you give them! There are many options from which to choose. You can use points, which your guests can trade for merchandise or discounts on goods or tours. You can also use a referral program or even run a monthly or quarterly draw. The prize could be some of your new merchandise, or maybe even a free tour! The choice is yours.

Keep your experience fresh. Consider adapting your offerings based on the seasons, holidays, or other special events. Also keep in mind customer feedback and any new ways you may think of improving the experience that you offer. Keeping your website up to date when it comes to any of these changes is also essential, after all, it’s the first contact point for many guests. Regular posts on social media will keep your brand on top of your guest’s mind. Be sure to highlight seasonal changes on both your site and on social media, which can help bring customers back.

Start Selling Your Photos and Videos Online

Finally, one of the best ways to increase your revenue is to sell photos and videos online! You already give your guests a remarkable experience, why not make it unforgettable? Your guests will take home a great memory and be able to focus on the experience at hand rather than capturing the perfect photo. Most importantly you’ll have more money in your pocket! PicThrive (a friend of Tourism Tiger) have helped tour operators deliver memories since 2014. Selling pictures through PicThrive is environmentally friendly and efficient (no CD or USB inventory necessary). On top of that, your guests and staff will stay safe, thanks to contactless sales and delivery. Be sure to check them out(opens in a new tab) to learn how they can adjust to your needs!

We hope that these strategies prove useful to you. Explore these options and more in order to find the ones that meet your needs. Reach out to PicThrive(opens in a new tab) to learn about moving your photo and video program online. After a live demo, take advantage of a temporary price reduction of their online fees.

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