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In 2020, following enormous upheaval in the travel industry, we’ve been on the hunt for a media outlet that can answer our questions, quell our anxieties, and provide us with insight for the future. Well, we think we have found that very resource, the Low Season podcast(opens in a new tab). Hosted by Wouter Bernhardt, a Dutchman living in Berlin, art historian turned tour guide turned podcast host.  While the podcast started as an exploration into the experiences of various Berlin tour guides in the pandemic-stricken world of tourism, it has since expanded into a global community and resource.

The podcast is an excellent supply of information for tour operators around the world, where you can hear stories about how others in the industry are succeeding and failing to adapt to their new situations. It is also a much-needed source of optimism! Guides talk about (opens in a new tab)how the pandemic has positively affected their lives and how they are using the downtime to make key changes to their business as well as contributing to changing how their communities and cities are marketing themselves(opens in a new tab) as a tourist destination. A topic that frequently makes an appearance is overtourism(opens in a new tab).

There are many episodes offering expert advice on intimidating topics such as marketing for the future of tourism(opens in a new tab) and financial, legal, and mental health matters(opens in a new tab). A great source of free and industry-relevant information when the majority of us are tightening our purse strings.

As the podcast has progressed, the conversations have moved further away from just coronavirus towards exploring the highs and lows of tourism in general. Wouter has also expanded to interviewing guides from different locations such as Australia, Israel, Slovakia, and Palestine. Topics range from political(opens in a new tab) to everyday issues like guides getting pre-tour nerves(opens in a new tab). It’s also great space for tour operators to open up about their different experiences and discuss controversial topics like the free tour(opens in a new tab).

This is an entertaining and easy-to-consume source of information for tour operators around the world. Whether you’re looking for advice, the comfort of hearing the experiences of others in the industry, or simply want to keep up to date with all things tourism, their authentic and current content is a great place to start.

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