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This is a blog post by former Tourism Tiger intern David.

I interned at Tourism Tiger over the summer of 2017 (winter in the Southern Hemisphere) through a program that matched American college students with growing businesses/startups all throughout the world. Why did I decide to come to Santiago with limited Spanish and skip a summer in the Northern Hemisphere?

I wish I could tell you it was just because I loved website design, promoting tourism companies, and that I knew exactly what to expect, but honestly, I simply saw a great opportunity that allowed me to experience something totally unique and learn some real skills vital to business development. I’ve never been happier with a rash decision. If you do love learning all the ins and outs of website design and/or love the tourism industry, Tourism Tiger is the exact place to be. But, if you are like me at 20 years old and are unsure what field you might want to go into, Mat and the team offered me an incredible work environment and a great opportunity to grow.

During my time at Tourism Tiger, I got the opportunity to work on a multitude of projects in a multitude of places. I was hired to help streamline business management processes but found each day could bring something totally unique. Some of the projects I had the opportunity to work on were:

  1. I helped organize and update expense reports into clearer Google spreadsheets, where trends and data could be more easily accessed.
  2. I created a basic time tracking system for the web build to identify where projects experienced the most delays and what projects employees were spending their time on.
  3.  I helped edit/review and even write some basic website content using WordPress.
  4. I communicated (in basic Spanish I might add!) with real estate agents to find a new office in Santiago and then helped assemble chairs and sand wood in the new office.
  5. And I got to tag along on whole host of other minor projects, including attending a meeting with a Start-Up Chile representative, listening in on content and sales calls, and learning from some incredible co-workers from all corners of the world.

In two months, I wasn’t simply fetching coffee and making copies. I got the opportunity to create projects from scratch in order to help a young business work just a bit smarter. At Tourism Tiger, the sales, design, writing, and management teams are literally just down the table. I was able to take guidance from all these divisions to understand how to create the best product to fit each coworker’s needs.

While everyone at Tourism Tiger works hard and expects you to do the same, I also had the opportunity to really enjoy my day. It seemed like I was eating a slice of cake every week for the smallest of occasions and also learned from my co-workers the best places to eat a vegetarian or Indian meal in a country not well known for its food. Tourism Tiger pushed me to adapt quickly, work hard, and learn on the go, but on the way, I learned British sayings, ate way too many Tim Tams, and made a great network of mentors and friends.

We’re always looking to support young students and provide them opportunities for learning and growth. Are you interested in interning at TourismTiger? Send us an email to with the subject “TT Internship” along with your resume or CV and a little bit about yourself.

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