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These quick tips are designed to help you get through these hard times. If you have any tips that you want to share, send them to in a new tab)

In the age of corona, we have grown accustomed to bad news. Governments mishandling the virus, businesses closing up shop, and people confined to their houses. Fear has long been a tool used by news media to boost ratings, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Yes, things feel grim at the moment, but this is also a time of incredible human resilience. People around the world are reaching out to each other via Zoom. Through small acts of kindness, we are supporting one another to get through this unique situation. People are surviving COVID-19. Businesses are finding innovative ways to adapt their work online. The natural environment is experiencing a period of healing! So what happens if we choose to celebrate the positive and focus on all the good news?

There are a variety of positive news sources in the world today. The Office’s John Krasinski along with his wife, Emily Blunt, hosts a YouTube channel Some Good News(opens in a new tab), which was born out of the corona quarantine. This 20-minute weekly show presents a variety of positive news stories. It’s not only uplifting and inspirational, but the show has also been a major success. People around the world now tune in each week to hear Some Good News, with recent episodes receiving 7 million + views.

This shows us that people are desperate for positivity. Perhaps your tour agency could provide it to them. What positive spin can you and your business put on the world today? What signs of resilience and strength have you seen over the past couple of months? Now might be the time to share some good news with your clients, community, and network. Keep people up to date with positive action your own business has taken. Once people emerge from their confinement, they are likely to remember who helped to lift their spirits when times were tough.

Check out these additional positive news sources and get inspired to start sharing the good news with your community today!

Sunny Side News(opens in a new tab)

The Happy Broadcast(opens in a new tab)

Tanks Good News(opens in a new tab)

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