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As a tour business owner, it may be hard to prioritize tasks or even have any free time to think about online marketing.

But it’s very important that your time is spent on the highest value tasks. That’s why on this blog post I co-wrote with Julia from Xola(opens in a new tab), we give you 3 things that require low effort and bring great return. Check out the article “Return On Effort: Impactful Online Marketing For Tour Operators(opens in a new tab)“:

Have you ever wondered whether spending hours on Twitter or Facebook is worth your time? I find that many people ask me the same question – a lot.

In fact, whenever you read general online marketing advice it seems that everyone is always tooting the social horn. More Facebook posts! More Instagram pics!

That’s fine…if we all had thirty-some-odd hours in a day. But on this planet, time is a precious resource. and your marketing strategy must take into account what gets you the biggest bang for not just your buck, but for your time as well.

Read more at Xola University(opens in a new tab).

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