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Our daily quick tips(opens in a new tab) are great, but do you want more personalized advice? We’ve started a new service that allows you to discuss your specific situation with one of our experts and get advice in that area. Simply choose your expert, click on their name to choose a time on their calendar, and you’ll get a free 30-minute consultation.

Meet the experts:

Stephanie Fiero(opens in a new tab) – Marketing Manager

Stephanie is available to help with marketing your business. Choose her if you have questions about how to market yourself now and into the future.

Kristen Badali(opens in a new tab) – New Business Executive

Kristen can help you with the overall health of your website. Choose her if you want to know what areas need improvement along with tips for how to improve it.

Andie Lopez(opens in a new tab) – Lead Designer

Andie is our design expert available to help you with both online and offline design. Choose her if you want to talk about website design, images, or general branding.

Gareth Tait(opens in a new tab) – Project Manager

Gareth is the Tourism Tiger Project Manager. He’s personally involved in the content and build of every website. Choose him to talk about how to improve the writing and content of your site.

Andrew Simpson(opens in a new tab) – Head of TigerCare

Andrew heads our website maintenance department. Choose him if you have concerns about SEO, website maintenance, analytics, or other technical things.

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