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The folks at Peek, like us here at Tourism Tiger, have seen the impact that COVID-19 has had on the tour industry first-hand. Almost all of our clients, to say nothing of the industry as a whole, have been affected by the crisis. Peek is taking a positive approach. They have assembled a useful collection of articles on how companies can survive and even thrive in these difficult times. Check out some of what they are working on HERE(opens in a new tab).

You will find resources for accessing capital, advice from industry veterans, examples of tour operators adapting, and much more! Check back daily for new updates so that you can stay on top of the situation and get advice from people who are dealing with the same problems as you.

One of the wonders of a global event like this is the wealth of human brainpower that has been put to work. Please remember that although times may feel tough, you are not alone. Together we can grow in the face of adversity!

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